Rylan Clark admits he drinks ‘more than usual’ after going through ‘tough time’

Rylan Clark has opened up on drinking more alcohol than he usually would after dealing with a “tough” time in recent months.

The Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two presenter conducted his latest Ry-Union podcast with friend and fellow TV host Davina McCall as his guest.

Davina opened up about her past battles with drugs and alcohol and the journey she went through to leave addiction behind.

Admitting that she chooses to stay away from alcohol now to stop her from craving the former too, the presenter asked if 33 year old Rylan had ever taken drugs.

“I’ve never been in that place where I feel that I need to do something like that,” the former X Factor star said.

“I was in a boy band in Ibiza, so you can imagine the world that I was in living out there, [but] I never felt the need to do that.

“I’m a control freak, [that] is my problem. The thought of not being in control of something, even when I've had a drink.

“Lately I've gone out a few times and drunk more than I usually would, I'm quite honest about it,” Rylan shared, going on to say he’s been going through a “tough time”.

“That's not me saying I've got a drink issue, because I definitely haven’t,” the star reassured his friend.

“I feel like Rylan, that's something that happens when you get a bit older,” Davina encouraged.

“You've been through something really tough and you've got through the other side and you've been gloriously honest about what you've been through and the feelings and the trauma and everything.

“It ramps up everything you've been through. As you get older, I meet more and more men and woman in their 50s who are having this second spring of, ‘I don't care if you laugh at what I'm wearing…’”

The star said that 10 years ago she would’ve been “nervous” to express her true self and be honest due to the fear of “being judged”.

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But thankfully, she cares “so much less” now and feels “liberated” by that.

“Every year that passes and every experience that you have, you begin to care less and less,” Davina added to Rylan, who agreed wholeheartedly.

It comes as the It Takes Two star has been reported to be "taking slow steps back into dating" over recent months following his devastating split from ex-husband Dan Neal.

Rylan announced the couple were going their separate ways back in September, and the star has been open about the difficulties he's faced trying to move forward ever since.

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