Salma Hayek Opens Up on Her Worry About ‘Puss in Boots’ Sequel

Because the first movie was fantastic, the actress who voices Kitty Softpaws was afraid the sequel ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’ wouldn’t live up to her ‘high expectations.’

AceShowbizSalma Hayek Pinault was worried about reprising her role in the “Puss in Boots” sequel as the bar was set so high last time. Voicing the street-savvy Tuxedo cat, Kitty Softpaws, who is Puss’ (Antonio Banderas) ex-fiancee, in the “Shrek” spin-off, the 56-year-old actress admitted she had such a good time portraying the pussy last time, she didn’t think the follow-up could top it – but it did.

“I was a little nervous about it because I had such a good experience the first time, the movie did really well so I had high expectations. But it was fantastic this time too – In fact, I think it’s so much better because Kitty is sassier, bossier, and her stunts are greater,” she told Britain’s OK! Magazine.

Asked what fans can expect from “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” – which is released 12 years after the first film – she replied, “A wonderful family movie with lots of adventure, that is very funny, beautiful to look at with incredible, cutting-edge animation.”

She added, “It also has something nostalgic about it. Most importantly, it has a lot of heart and it talks about interesting things, like making sure you appreciate life.”

Salma joked she wishes she had the fancy footwork of her feline alter ego. Quizzed on what drew her to the part, she said, “I just love her as a character so I was excited to have the possibility to be her again. What’s not to love? She’s funny, sassy, and she’s a cat. I love cats. I just wish I could have her moves!”

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