Sandra Lee Reveals Her Strict 2021 Diet Plan After Gaining 30 Lbs. In 2020: ‘None Of My Clothes Fit’

Sandra Lee was ready to start the new year off with her weight loss journey, after admitting that she felt ‘terrible’ once she gained a few lbs. during 2020. Read the caption to her latest Instagram post!

Sandra Lee is ready to get back to her ideal weight to kick off the new year. The chef, 54, took to Instagram on January 4 to reveal her new diet as 2021 begins. “With Christmas in a bag in my backseat today really starts the first day of the working New Year. So today I’m going to start a cleanse,” Sandra began the caption to her photo — a selfie taken in her car.

The Emmy winner revealed that it was her sister, Kimber, who inspired her to start this new chapter. She also confessed that she was not feeling like the best version of herself during the holidays. “Personally over the last year I gained 30 pounds and weighed in at 170 two days before Christmas—None of my clothes fit and worse i feel terrible,” she revealed to her Instagram followers.



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As for what her diet will consist of, Sandra shared some details. The star will be abstaining from alcohol (noting that she didn’t even have “cocktail time” on New Year’s Eve), no red meat, and “very few carbs.” Since December 25, Sandra has been more focused on her fruit and vegetable intake, along with drinking “a lot” of water and some cups of coffee and tea “to get back to me — I need my caffeine,” she wrote. Sandra revealed that she has lost roughly 10 lbs. since starting her cleanse, but it’s not easy.

“My energy isn’t super awesome though (1250 calories a day is tough-I LIKE TO EAT!),” she admitted. While Sandra is cutting out calories during her “cleanse,” her daily calorie intake is far less than the recommended amount by the U.S. Department of Health. Between 2015-2020, the Department of Health recommended 1,600-2,200 calories a day for women in Sandra’s age group, denoting recommendations based on a “sedentary,” “moderately active,” or “active” lifestyle.

Sandra Lee revealed her diet plan for 2021 in a January 4 post on Instagram [AP].

It’s not just calories that are a significant part of Sandra’s diet. She’s also taking a “vitamin C energy booster plus the vitamins I’ve been taking since last March: magnesium/zinc/calcium, 15,000 mg of vitamin D.” Before closing out her caption, Sandra sent lots of “love” to her followers and asked them to share what their “health plans are for the new year,” and hoped that they would “stay the course and fulfill them alongside me.”

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