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The presenter of Property Ladder and Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country was diagnosed with cancer three weeks ago, and has spoken candidly about her journey.

Presenter Sarah Beeny has revealed that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump in her breast. The popular TV host said that while an initial mammogram didn’t show any signs of the disease, a biopsy confirmed it was cancer three weeks ago, and she encouraged women to trust their instincts when checking their breasts and pushing for a diagnosis.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Beeny admitted that she had “a little bit of a breakdown” after receiving the news in a hospital consultation room, but that she “knew”she was going to be diagnosed with cancer one day after losing her mum to the disease when she was 10 years old.

“The nurse was so sweet and they were really nice to me but I thought, ‘You don’t understand. I have waited 40 years to hear those words.’ I knew I was going to hear it one day,” she explained.

Beeny is currently awaiting a test to see if the disease is hereditary as her grandmother also had breast cancer. She also said that she has begun a course of chemotherapy and will have a mastectomy followed by radiotherapy next year.

On Tuesday (30 August), she took to Instagram to share the process of cutting her hair in preparation for the treatment, donating it to charity The Little Princess Trust.

“A little pile of not very good condition hair on its way to @officiallittleprincesstrust – my trainee hairdressers cut off my hair on Friday night – getting one step ahead after first chemo treatment for breast cancer on Friday – the exclusive club you’d rather not be a member of!” she wrote.

In light of her diagnosis, she urged women to check their breasts regularly and to “trust their instincts” when it comes to their health. “Go for the mammogram. And always go for a second check-up if you can still feel a lump. Keep on going until you get a biopsy. Be vigilant,” she said.

For more information about or support with breast cancer, visit the Breast Cancer UK website at breastcanceruk.org. You can also visit the NHS website for information on breast cancer in women and how to check your breasts. 

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