Sarah Ferguson isn’t invited to her former brother-in-law’s coronation

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has been “promoting” her latest historical romance novel in recent months. That promotion means she’s given dozens of interviews about her ex-husband and his family. For the most part, I’ve only paid attention to what she says about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but she’s also made extensive statements on Prince Andrew, King Charles, Queen Camilla, the ghost of QEII, as well as her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie. If I have to read one more quote about how QEII’s ghost is haunting Fergie, I will scream. But I digress – Fergie has also spoken at length about how King Charles is a brilliant man and how he’ll be a great king, and how much she adores both Charles and Camilla. She’s really been laying it on thick, although (to her credit?) she’s also talked about how she isn’t expecting an invitation to the coronation. Good, because she’s not getting one:

King Charles is not inviting his former sister-in-law the Duchess of York to his coronation, The Independent has learnt. Sarah Ferguson, who still lives with Prince Andrew and is very close to him even though they divorced in 1996, will have to watch the May 6 celebrations at Westminster Abbey on TV.

The King and Queen Consort’s decision means that Fergie will not be seated next to her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, who are 10th and 11th in line to the throne. The exclusion is somewhat surprising as Andrew was recently invited to Windsor by the King over Easter, even though it has been made clear that the duke will be excluded from the inner workings of the royal family.

The refusal to invite the duchess will cause a debate among royal watchers, as some see her as a national treasure who has courageously overcome financial and personal problems within the royal family, while others see her as an error-prone embarrassment.

“She has been hugely suppportive of Charles and Camilla and does not want this to become about her,” a friend said. “The whole day is about the new King and the success of his reign but she has always championed the royal family and the Queen undoubtedly would have wanted her to be there.”

[From The Independent]

Yeah, I read many of Fergie’s interviews so you didn’t have to, and I can safely say that she was never expecting an invite. She was speaking openly about watching the coronation on TV with the dogs. Was that some kind of feint because she was secretly hoping for an invite? I don’t know. I was actually surprised that she was invited to QEII’s funeral, but I guess that happened because QEII did have a soft spot for her. Charles does not. But it sounds like Camilla does want Fergie to stick around, probably for the same reason Diana liked to keep Fergie around – Fergie makes everyone else look good by comparison.

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