Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt asks Emma Bunton ‘are you still talking?’

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Spice Girl and radio presenter Emma Bunton, 45, left some Saturday Kitchen viewers frustrated this morning after speaking at length about her breastfeeding experience on the BBC weekend cooking show. Her lengthy explanation of her experiences as a mother led to Matt Tebbutt, 45, and guest chef Ben Tish laughing amongst themselves before the BBC host asked her whether she was still talking. Fans also took to Twitter to reveal that they found the show “boring” this morning, resulting in some switching off.

Are you still talking?

Matt Tebbutt

Speaking about her new book Mama You Got This, the star addressed the problems she faced while breastfeeding her children.

She said: “I think that if I’d known that could’ve been a possibility that my child would have had tongue tie and wouldn’t have been able to feed properly I would have understood it more.

“But it took me a while to realise that my child had tongue tie.

“I do find that really interesting. I saw that and it never crossed my mind”, she added.

As Ana and Helen agreed with her, Emma went on to reveal that she found breastfeeding “painful.”

She said: “But of course some mums want to try it, some mums don’t want to try it.

“I think that whatever way you go it’s nice to know little bits about it.

“So I’d like to have known about breastfeeding a little bit more”, she admitted, as Ana branded her book “non-judgemental”.

Emma replied: “Thank goodness!”

“Because like you said earlier, we’re all different, have different experiences -” started Ana before she was cut off by the host loudly clearing his throat.

Realising that her conversation with the two other women had gone on for long enough, Emma invited the two men to join in.

“Sorry loves, you can totally get involved in this!” she said to Matt and Ben.

Matt replied: “Are you still talking?” as he continued to chop.

“Absolutely”, responded the Spice Girl.

“Ben was going off for a nice walk”, Matt confessed before laughing with his male guest chef.

Despite the BBC presenter finding the tangent amusing, viewers of the show took to social media to reveal that they were getting “bored.”

One wrote: “Would been nice if Emma Bunton & Ana Haugh stopped talking about babies for 5 minutes.”(sic)

Another added: “God that Emma Bunton is going on and on getting bored.”

While a third penned: “Switched off – very boring this morning. 1st time ever.”

To which another social media user replied: “It is I got fed up.”

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