Scheana Shay Says Tom Sandoval Is Finally ‘Trying To Be More Respectful’ To Ex Ariana Madix Amid Their Awk Living Situation!

Scheana Shay has an update on exes Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s awkward AF living situation!

By now you know the dirty details of Scandoval. The 40-year-old reality star cheated on Ariana with their fellow Vanderpump Rules cast member Raquel Leviss – and it wasn’t just one time. Nope. They’d been having a months-long affair behind the 37-year-old’s back. Once Ariana learned of the affair last month, she ended their nine-year relationship. However, she did not get to cut off all contact with her ex-boyfriend and move on like some people can do following a breakup. Why is that? Because they still share the more than $2 million dollar home they purchased together back in 2019. Talk about an awful and awkward deal, especially given the reasons behind their split!

To make matters worse, Sandoval refused to give her any space in the house shortly after their breakup! Former Vanderpump Rules cast member Kristen Doute revealed that Ariana was concerned about the business owner coming into their home when she was alone. And rather than giving her a heads up if he needed to come over as she asked during the height of Scandoval, he refused to respect her wishes. Kristen said:

“He owns the home, but is he leveraging that as, ‘well, it’s mine,’ and, ‘f**k you, I don’t care,’ and, ‘you can’t tell me to go?’”

But now? Sandoval had a change of heart about the situation – at least according to Scheana Shay. During the latest episode of the Scheananigans podcast on Friday, she opened up about how Ariana has been doing, saying:

“She’s doing amazing. Obviously, this has been very hard. You know, she misses her partner — the person that she thought he was. And they still share a house together. So she can’t fully move on while he’s still coming in and out of her house.”

However, Scheana revealed that Ariana and the Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras frontman have figured out a system to avoid each other in the home, noting that he finally agreed to contact a mediator before coming over:

“He has now agreed to communicate with a third party, letting either his assistant or one of her best friends know when he needs to come into the house, or if he needs to stay in the guest room, if he needs to come get some stuff or whatever.”

She added:

“He’s trying to be more respectful of her, I think. But in the beginning, it was like, ‘This is my house! I pay half the mortgage, I’m gonna come and go as I please.’ And it’s just like, ‘Bro, you just blew up her world. The least you can do is give her some f**king space.’ It’s called a hotel!”

Obvi, him being “more respectful” now isn’t saying much. This is the same guy who did not have the decency to at least end his romance with Ariana before starting a full-blown relationship with Raquel after all! Plus, Sandoval finally respecting Ariana’s space and willing to communicate through a third party before coming to their house was the least he could do for her after everything that’s gone down! Just saying.

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