Serena Williams Dances & Stuns In Short Shorts For New ‘Tricky Challenge’ On TikTok — Watch

Serena Williams showed off her version of the ‘Tricky Challenge’ on TikTok, where the tennis great chose between her favorite Grand Slams, fast food joint, and places she’s lived!

Some of these prompts were a bit tricky for Serena Williams, but she handled the pressure like the Grand Slam champion she is! The tennis great, 39, shared her iteration of the “Tricky Challenge” on December 31, featuring some prompts that she had to choose from. As the 1986 hit “It’s Tricky” by Run D.M.C. played in the background, Serena’s first prompt was to choose between Compton, where the decorated athlete moved to as a child, or her home in Palm Beach, FL.



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With only slight hesitation, Serena confidently chose her beloved Compton. Up next was the tennis player’s favorite Grand Slam! While rocking a pair of Daisy Dukes and a fitted T-shirt, Serena chose between the U.S. Open, where she’s won six singles titles, and Wimbledon, where she holds seven singles titles! Serena boogied on over to Wimbledon as her pick!

The final three prompts featured Serena’s preference between a night in or a night out, Popeyes or Krispy Krunchy Chicken, and the year 2020 or 2021! When it came to the prompt with the choice of her preferred year, Serena bolted into the direction of 2021 without delay. It was such a fun video for Serena’s millions of fans to watch, but the 23-time Grand Slam champion might have just created her own social media challenge.



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On December 30, Serena took to Instagram once again to give her fans a look at her rigorous practice on the court. After hitting a forehand, Serena showed off her dance moves by recreating the choreography from the music video for “Body” by Megan Thee Stallion. “I was told I don’t share enough of my training. I hope this helps y’all know I’m serious,” she captioned the video. Once the post went up, Serena’s older sister, Venus Williams, 40, took on the challenge herself!



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On December 31, Venus posted on her own Instagram and shared her version of the Serena’s “Body” challenge. The equally talented tennis player cut loose on the court, after it appeared she was going to hit a serve. Venus even used the same caption as Serena, but tagged her sister, too. Could the Serena Williams/Megan Thee Stallion “Body” challenge catch on? We’d love to see more!

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