Sharon Stone has had 2 family members die from COVID-19 and her sister is now in the hospital fighting for her life … and Sharon lays a lot of the blame on Donald Trump, the man she calls a killer.

COVID has ravaged Stone’s family, many of whom live in Montana. Her grandmother and godmother both died from coronavirus, and her sister — who has Lupus and a weak immune system — is hospitalized with COVID and fighting for her life. The sister’s husband is also hospitalized with COVID.

Sharon says her mom has had all sorts of health issues and surgeries, but she’s asymptomatic for COVID so she can’t get a test … which is creating unbearable stress.

Sharon is angry … angry at someone who didn’t wear a mask and spread the virus to her sister. She’s angry at Montana’s governor and state health officials who have been unresponsive. And, she’s angry at Trump, who she squarely blames for her circumstances and other families enduring similar grief. She ends with a plea to vote Biden/Harris.

Watch the video … Sharon says she’s desperately tried calling Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and public health officials to get answers but she’s gotten zip from either. She blamed government officials for not enforcing a mask mandate and the difficulty in even getting a test right now. She didn’t mince words … she says people are dying and fighting for their lives because the government is lying. Gut-wrenching for sure.

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