Just as TikTok predicted – never underestimate the power of TikTok – red hair is one of autumns biggest beauty trends. And that’s before the leaves have even fallen… Impressive much? We’ve seen many a’ influencer jump on the red hair bandwagon, and even singer Ciara has given the hair colour trend a try… Now, our fave, Shay Mitchell, has only gone and embraced red locks herself…

In an Instagram story that Shay uploaded just the other day, she posed a very important question to her fans. And that was whether they think she should dye her hair red or platinum blonde. Surprisingly, a whopping 69 per cent of voters opted for the red with only 9% voting for the platinum. So, with a hairstylist on speed dial (oh, to be that influential), Shay got to it.

Of course, as anyone with 30+ million followers would, the actor documented the entire process. First came the bleached brows debut, which she shared with a screenshot of a FaceTime call. Captioning the picture, Shay wrote: “Bleached brows had @sammyinla scared”.

Side note: Did anyone else notice the sink hair wash job? Needs must, hey!

Next, after crediting the genius behind the colour, Jesus Guerrero, came the big reveal. Prepare yourselves, peeps for it is a lewk.

To commemorate the change, Shay not only shared the process to her story but in a four-part carousel post, too. In the caption, she wrote: “And thank you to the one and only @jesushair for going along with my extremely last minute desire to dye my hair after a full days shoot 😘”.


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Aaaaaand just in case those few snaps weren’t enough. Here’s another look at the colour on its first trip out of the house. Which was to a Fendi New York Fashion Week show, no less:


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Now, what are you waiting for? Book in your very own hair appointment and come join the redhead clan, guys.

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