Shirley Ballas reveals she made a ‘mistake’ with apple cider vinegar

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Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas, 60, has taken to Instagram to reveal that she made a “terrible mistake” ahead of her workout today, which ended with her being sick. The dance icon revealed that she had taken a homemade concoction in an effort to “reduce belly fat”, but after getting the proportions wrong, ended up vomiting. Having recovered from her brief sickness, the star revealed that she was moving on to practice yoga. Shirley’s new-found health kick comes a week after she revealed that she was in hospital after facing “shoulder and arm” problems.

I don’t think I took the right amount

Shirley Ballas

In view of her 185,000 followers, Shirley confessed that she had made a grave error ahead of her hour-long “ride”.

With a flushed complexion, the dance professional addressed her followers to inform them of her pre-workout error.

Wearing a comfy looking pastel coloured hoodie, the star sported a healthy glow in the aftermath of exercising, as she wore her hair tied back away from her face.

Shirley said: “So I just did another hour ride but made the terrible mistake of having some vinegar, actually, I need to have a look at what it was.”

The star then opened her fridge to check what it was that she had consumed, before informing her fans.

“I took apple cider vinegar with lots of water, because apparently it reduces belly fat, but made myself sick,” she told her followers before grimacing into the camera.

The Strictly star explained that got the water to vinegar ratio wrong as it made her throw up.

“I don’t think I took the right amount,” she added.

However, despite her error, the dance pro said that she felt fine to continue her workout with a bit of yoga.

“Anyway, with that workout now complete I shall do a little bit of yoga, [while] feeling sick,” she signed off.

Days ago the BBC judge took to Instagram to reveal that she was in hospital for a problem with her “shoulder and arm.”

The star’s admittance to the hospital comes a year after she broke her ankle at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The dance professional gave fans the update while donning a hospital gown, as she explained that medical professionals were trying to find out what the cause is with a series of scans.

Wearing a hospital gown and face mask, Shirley struggled to be heard as she relayed why she needed medical attention.

With her dark brown hair swept to one side, the BBC star still looked her usual glamorous self as she sported the tiniest hint of eye make up and her bag held against her.

She captioned the video: “Good morning, how’s your day going? Mine started with the hospital visit.”

Speaking through her mask, Shirley told her fans why she was in hospital.

She said: “So here we go again, in the hospital, with a shoulder and arm [problem] and I’m trying to find out what it is.”

Shirley explained that she was undergoing a series of scans to help get to the bottom of what was going wrong.

She continued: “Having an arthrogram or something done today, MRI’s and yes,” she said before quickly signing off.

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