Sir Mick Jagger, 79, pops out for pint at London pub with brother

Sir Mick Jagger enjoyed a night out on the town with his younger brother Chris, also a musician

Mick Jagger enjoyed revisiting memories from his early career as he found himself back at The Half Moon pub with fellow musical star Chris, who toured around Australia last month.

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Sir Mick Jagger, 79, took a trip down memory lane with his younger brother Chris, 74, as the pair attended Putney pub The Half Moon together. 

The venue had given Mick and legendary band The Rolling Stones performance opportunities when they were first starting out. 

However, this week, he was on the other side of the stage, watching from the sidelines as Slim Chance – a band originally formed by the late Small faces star Ronnie Lane – played.

Mick looked understated in his black button-up winter coat and a baseball cap to shield him from the cold. 

He placed an affectionate arm around his brother Chris, who stood out aesthetically by opting for a slightly psychedelic-inspired print on his shirt. 

Mick Jagger’s appearance didn’t go unnoticed by Slim Chance

Slim Chance, the group the pair had gone to see, reposted the snap of the brothers on their official Instagram account, writing proudly: “What a wonderful surprise when @chrisjagger and his big brother @mickjagger turned up at @thebandslimchance Christmas Gig @thehalfmoonpub. Chris making a guest appearance in Ronnie Lanes song How Come. What a fabulous evening thanks all for coming and joining us.”

Mick Jagger’s brother Chris admits he has a standard to live up to due to his famous brother

However, Chris Jagger says there’s no major sibling rivalry as the pair have a close bond, and that  that he was able to enjoy more time with his parents than the constantly touring Mick did, due to his lesser fame. He added jokingly that “the one thing in my favor is that I will always be younger than him”.

Mick Jagger and his brother Chris shared the stage

Mick Jagger is known to take to the stage with his brother Chris for special occasions such as big birthday parties, as this photo demonstrates. 

Mick Jagger is thought to have opted out of the subsequent Rolling Stones tribute show

Mick and Chris Jagger are not believed to have been around for the amusing tribute concert at the same pub the following night, in which a band honoured Mick’s legacy by taking on the title The Rolling Stoned.

Mick Jagger recently celebrated the birthday of his youngest child, Deveraux

Despite now being 79, Mick Jagger is still a father to a young son – Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger, who celebrated his sixth birthday last week.

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