Roger Federer to miss US Open and undergo knee surgery

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During a recent chat with Sportsworld microphones, Roger Federer, 40, stressed that his career hasn’t always allowed him to spend as much time with his wife as he would have liked to.

Mirka, 43, has always prioritised making sure that she and their four kids travel with their dad whenever they can, though it hasn’t always been easy.

She has been mentioned a lot in my career and she has done a really great job

Roger Federer

The pair are parents to twin daughters Myla and Charlene, 12, and seven-year-old twin boys Leo and Lenny.

Needless to say, though, Mirka, who was a professional tennis player herself before retiring in 2002, knows how demanding Roger’s career has gotten over the years, so being her husband’s support system has been vital.

But with Roger having ruled out any plans of a potential retirement anytime soon, Mirka and the children will continue to be by his side amid his work commitments.

“She has been mentioned a lot in my career and she has done a really great job,” Roger told the publication. 

“She has been coming to every training session and every match of mine for years, she still did this now but obviously with children the situation is different.”

Roger goes on to acknowledge that Mirka has always put his interests and needs at the forefront, adding that there has never been a time where he’s felt detached from the woman he married despite how hectic things may have gotten over time. 

From showing up to his tennis matches to raising their four children, all while sustaining a healthy marriage, Roger gives his wife plenty of credit.

He believes that because they come from the same sport and a similar background, it’s made things easier for the couple to navigate between his professional career and personal life.

Now, however, the Basel native hopes he gets to spend more quality time with his wife who has always put his needs before her own. 

Regardless of how understanding Mirka has been over the years to make the selfless decision in helping Roger prolong his career, one thing that their relationship has lacked is some much-needed time alone for the couple.

“She didn’t have any particular requests, the only thing she wanted was to spend time with me,” the 20-time Grand Slam winner shared. 

“Mirka has always been fantastic, but obviously when it comes to tennis sometimes I had to decide for myself.”

Mirka became a professional tennis player in 1998 — the same year as Roger — but retired from the sport after a persistent foot injury in 2002. 

By the time she had stopped playing, she was named in the top-100 ranked players.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Roger has openly gushed about the endless support he has received from his wife, who at one point worked as his manager before stepping down to focus her attention on looking after their children.

Back in July 2020, Roger told The Times: “It was amazing how easily she walked away from tennis and retired, never really tried to come back.”

He then echoed his wife’s words as he added: “You know what, I’d rather have helped you have an amazing career (than) me having some kind of a career and we won’t see each other and we’ll grow unhappy and maybe we’ll break up because we won’t see each other enough.

“We just love our time together and that’s still the case.”

Roger and Mirka first met at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

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