Sofia Carson has debuted her brand new music video for her latest single “He Loves Me, But…

The 28-year-old singer and actress shared the stunning visual, where she wore four different outfits.

Sofia recently made an appearance on the Spout podcast where she talked about the song.

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“I really appreciate it when people connect to it because that’s really the only thing that matters. As long as one person connects to the story, then my job is done. So thank you, it’s been really exciting to see people’s reactions. It’s always a little scary but thrilling at the same time,” Sofia shared.

The new song, she says, is “definitely the beginning of a bigger story. So I’m going to be super annoying and just tease that.”

“For me, it’s about telling my honest, genuine truth and then hoping that when you hear it, or when my sister hears it, or when a girl in some corner of the world hears it, that she hears her truth in it in some way, or it almost feels like you’re singing about her. I think that’s the beauty of it,” Sofia added about songwriting.

If you missed the big news, Sofia has joined this super popular franchise to voice a new character in an upcoming movie!

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