Stacey Solomon questions ‘why is this my husband’ as Joe Swash pushes her into a pool

Stacey Solomon shared a hilarious video of her husband Joe Swash sneaking up behind her and pushing her in the swimming pool on holiday, and the mum-of-five was utterly unimpressed.

Stunned by her hubby's silly antics, Stacey, 33, appeared more annoyed than amused as she even went as far as to call him a "d**k" on her Instagram stories.

The former X Factor singer and TV personality seemed to simply be enjoying a refreshing outdoor shower at the family's luxurious holiday villa for their latest trip abroad, where she even managed to get some time alone without the kids.

But as ex EastEnders actor Joe, 41, crept up behind filming his unsuspecting wife, fans would have immediately clocked on to his cheeky plan.

As Stacey carried on lathering her hair with shampoo in her black swimming costume, Joe suddenly pushed her forwards so she stumbled down the steps into the pool.

Plunging in to the turquoise waters, Stacey groaned in annoyance as she pulled her blonde mane out of her face.

"You are such a d**k. Oh my god," the Tap To Tidy author complained, but Joe wasn't fazed in the slightest and laughed his head off in the background.

"Trying to wash the chlorine out of my hair," Stacey then yelled from the pool, clambering out. "You're such an idiot."

"Why is this my Husband though?…" the Sort Your Life Out host then captioned over the video, but it was clear she'd softened after Joe's cheeky trick.

As fans asked the down-to-earth mum how "on earth" she managed to fall in the pool so "gracefully," and urged her to plot her "revenge," Stacey shared another video of her announcing her plans.

"Don't worry I will get him back," the blonde beauty declared with a twinkle in her eye. As she curled her hair in the camera mirror, Stacey went on: "The trouble is Joe starts these things right, and then I get him back, and he cries about it.

'Oh, that was so much worse than what I did to you,'" she joked in her faux-Joe voice.

Determined to get his side on show, Joe called out: "I end up hurting myself!"

The pair continued to bicker for all the world to see as Stacey insisted it "wasn't her fault" and she could have "hurt herself" but Joe was lucky she managed to keep her balance.

"He will cry when I get him back," the star, who is currently away having a fantastic family holiday with all the kids in between filming her latest series of Bricking It, promised fans.

"Don't start it if you can't finish it, that's all I can say," the cheeky favourite added.

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