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As Stacey Solomon prepared for work on Tuesday, she realised she had forgotten just one thing – to shave her legs before heading out.

Stacey had spent the morning updating fans on her cleaning jobs around the house as she prepared for the busy day ahead, even turning the clean up job into a music montage on her Instagram story.

Posting to her Instagram story, she shared with fans that she had thought she "smashed" the day before realising.

She captioned her post on Instagram: “Thought I’d smashed it today and then realised I forgot to shave my legs, oh well.

“I’ll takes mopped floors over smooth legs any day.”

Stacey later confused fans as she appeared on the ITV talk show Loose Women in what was thought to be a surprise return after taking maternity leave just two weeks ago.

In early August, Stacey was treated to a baby shower on the show as she prepared to take time off ahead of her baby girl’s arrival, saying: “I’ll probably be back after Christmas.”

While Christmas remains months away, she appeared on the show this week as fans confusingly asked what was happening.

Stacey had started her morning on Instagram saying: "Time to sort my actual life out I've got an hour before I have to leave for work, so I'm going to get us dressed sort the house out and drop pickle at auntie Jem Jem's."

As fans remained confused by the sudden return, some were quick to point out that the show hadn’t covered any current affair topics and that Stacey’s Instagram showed her at the baby Dove offices and spending the day with her son, Rex.

Posting a snap of the offices, Stacey revealed her day plans by captioning: “I’m here, it’s so cute.

“I’m doing a talk at @babydovecare (brand partner ad) today.

“I’m so exciting but definitely have sand mouth where I’m nervous.”

While at the offices, Stacey fell for a plant they had, even asking her followers what the plant was and how she might be able to care for it if she purchased one for herself.

In a hilarious follow up, she posted a snap of herself posing with the plant, captioning: “I’m actually posing next to this plant like he’s Brad Pitt or something.

“If I had to choose between them both I’d still chose the plant. I genuinely love him.”

Stacey’s dreams of owning one herself were seemingly dashed as she posted a sad emoji with the caption: “You all said he’s a ‘fiddle lead fig’ and they’re quite temperamental”.

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