Steph McGovern details 'drama' over insect bite on her leg

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Steph McGovern, 39, has spoken out about Channel 4’s latest technical issues, after the broadcaster suffered another major outage at the station just weeks ago. The Packed Lunch star took to social media to make light of the situation, as the screen froze on an image of her guest comedian Dane Baptise, during a discussion about superstitions when her show was airing.

In the end Dane sent in his stunt double to take over the position

Steph McGovern

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Steph joked about the situation which eventually saw the broadcasters come off-air altogether.

She tweeted: “So technical difficulties at the end of our show today on Channel 4 has left @DaneBaptweets holding this pose on the telly for about 10 mins…”

The humorous post included an image of Dane frozen on the screen with the subtitle reading underneath: “Are you superstitious?”, an image many viewers were met with when they tuned in.

She then followed it up with another post.

Steph, who is set to appear on Richard Osman’s House Of Games, said: “In the end Dane sent in his stunt double to take over the position.”

The tweet was accompanied with a separate photo of Dane taking a confused selfie with himself on the telly.

The show’s official Twitter account also addressed the disruption with a cheeky post.

Posting to their 18,400 followers, the daytime show shared the same snap of Dane that plagued viewers’ screens as they joked: “By the way, Dane is still in the studio holding this pose.”

Having been the main event on Channel 4’s TVs, the stand-up comic then waded in on the channel’s difficulties, poking fun at the subtitles underneath him.

“If you’re gonna ask me about nightmares on Elm Street, odds are I’m gonna freeze up,” the 39-year-old star giggled.

“I don’t do horror.”

He then added: “But I do comedy; so catch me on @PackedLunchC4 for more views!!”

It comes after fans of the lunchtime segment took to social media shared their views on the technical fault.

One penned: “Speaking of Steph’s Packed Lunch, Channel 4 has completely crashed and frozen for the last several minutes – ironically in a segment about superstitions.”

“What’s gone wrong? We’ve had a frozen screen for nearly 10 minutes now,” another wondered.

While a third added: “Meanwhile, Channel 4 appears to be broken again and has been showing this still image for some time now.”

The broadcaster then went off-air completely, as the screen flashed up a warning that read: “Programmes continue shortly.”

Channel 4 also addressed the disruption they were experiencing, taking to social medai to apologise for the faults.

“We’re sorry about our tech hiccup this afternoon and hope you can now view as normal.

“Further updates will be posted here.”

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