Succession’s Brian Cox would refuse knighthood despite accepting CBE

Brian Cox, 76, received a CBE in 2003 for his services to drama, but did not accept the accolade for himself. The Succession star revealed he wouldn’t have become a CBE if it wasn’t for his beloved royalist sister Bette, however, he has insisted he would not accept a knighthood if offered.

Brian, who is a campaigner for Scottish independence, admitted he should have “thought better” when he accepted the honour in 2003 for his services to drama.

In an interview with this week’s Radio Times, Brian was asked if he would ever accept a knighthood.

He exclaimed defiantly: “Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no!”

This contrasts with his acceptance of the 2003 CBE, with Brian admitting the heartfelt reason he accepted the award was for his late sister Bette.

He admitted: “If it wasn’t for my sister, I wouldn’t be here. She was a constant in my life. And she was a great royalist.

“So the reason I accepted the first time around was [because] it honoured her as much as anything else. Because she was a believer.”

This is not the first time Brian has made this admission, previously calling himself “fickle” for accepting his CBE.

Speaking on the Marc Marcon WTF podcast in 2020 about the late Queen Elizabeth II, who sadly died last year, Brian said: “I have a royalist sister and a republican sister and I thought well my royalist sister will be happy but she couldn’t give a s**t. That was my justification.

“Now I would never be a knight. I wouldn’t want to do that.

“A CBE is usually a precursor to getting a knighthood.

“I got my CBE a while ago and I have been so active in Scottish independence.

“They are determined to keep the Queen, she goes with the whole nine yards, we don’t get rid of her. It will never be a proper republic.”

Brian also claimed in a recent interview that he is in a position to shout expletives at fans due to Succession.

He quipped about his Logan Roy character: “I lost my anonymity. People know who I am now.

“And on a regular basis they want me to tell them to f**k off. Which, of course, is a joyous thing to do to human beings! We should all f**k off, quite frankly.

“But I don’t want to end my days being known as the guy who told everybody to f**k off, ha ha ha!”, he concluded to the Radio Times.

Brian has now played media mogul Logan since the HBO drama launched back in 2018.

The show is now, unfortunately, coming to an end after just four seasons.

Brian won the Best Performance in a Television Series – Drama prize at the 77th Golden Globe Awards in 2020 for his role.

He is also now going on to return to theatre in The Score, and perform in A Long Day’s Journey into Night in London.

Read the full interview with Brian Cox in the latest issue of Radio Times.

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