TALK OF THE TOWN: Model Citizen! Cara Delevingne ploughs £350,000 of her own cash into her new charity Initiative Earth to help save the planet

It’s nice to hear that not all of Cara Delevingne’s fortune goes on building sound-proof bunkers at her mansion in LA.

According to new figures, the 29-year-old – who is Britain’s highest-paid supermodel – has ploughed more than £350,000 of her own cash into her new charity called Initiative Earth.

The charity has set itself the modest goal of saving the planet by calling on governments to repair damaged eco-systems.

Cara Delevingne, pictured, as put £350,000 of her own cash into her new charity venture

The charity, Initiative Earth will lobby governments to repair damaged eco-systems 

They used to be inseparable – two women ‘breaking hearts for England’ – during their time living in New York in the Nineties. 

But while Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, now languishes in jail, I hear her old pal Lucy Clive, 58 – the long-time lover of Ghislaine’s brother Kevin – now devotes her life to helping victims of domestic violence.

‘It’s not just Kevin who’s in awe of what Lucy does – it’s her friends, too,’ a pal says. 

‘What staggers them all is the fact that it doesn’t defeat her or leave her in despair. She sees and hears the most horrific, sickening things. It takes real strength of character.’

Geri’s the business

She lives in splendour in a 15th Century Cotswolds manor house, but Geri Horner isn’t idling her life away – the one-time Spice Girl, 49, is immersing herself in three new companies.

One is a property firm Estelle Ward, set up with husband Christian, boss of F1 champions Red Bull.

Another is Falcon Queen Productions, whose purpose is as yet unstated. And then there’s Ombi. It’s also about horse power, but real, live horse power – looking after racehorse owners.

To think she was once just a wannabe…

Former Spice Girl Geri Horner, pictured right with husband Christian, left, has set up several businesses with the Formula 1 team boss

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