Taylor Swift and 'Barefoot Contessa' Ina Garten Share the Same Pet Peeve

Taylor Swift and Ina Garten are pals who share more than just a love of cooking — they also have a pet peeve in common. Find out what Swift and Garten said annoys them when it comes to food.

Garten and Swift share a common pet peeve

Since both women enjoy cooking for friends and family, it’s not surprising that they are both annoyed when people don’t like to eat.

Garten and Swift came together in 2014 for the July/August Music Issue of Food Network Magazine to cook and exchange stories. Swift traveled to the Hamptons with her mother Andrea and brother Austin and a good time was had by all.

They were greeted by warm date bread and coffee and Garten and Swift made a mustard-roasted fish and Pavlova dessert recipe.

The time spent together gave them an opportunity to chat and they talked about how they both dislike it when people don’t want to eat. “I’ll cook for these boys, and they’ll be like, ‘I’m on a diet,’” Swift said in the magazine (via E!). “I’m like, ‘I can’t hang out with you.’”

Garten agreed with the music superstar, sharing the details of a dinner guest who said she was on a cleanse. The guest did, however, drink a whiskey sour — and asked for another.

Talk of cocktails quickly sparked a happy hour after Swift noted, “Oh, I’ve never had a whiskey sour.”

The Barefoot Contessa came to the rescue as she happened to have the drink at the ready in her refrigerator. Swift invited her family members to take part in day drinking before they all dug into the dessert.

Ina Garten gushed about Taylor Swift

Garten is a Swift superfan and she clearly adores the singer, as evidenced by a 2020 interview with Katie Couric in which the cook had nothing but glowing things to say about Swift.

Garten answered fan questions, with one wondering if she had listened to Swift’s latest album.

“Of course I have. I’m a major Taylor Swift fan,” Garten answered. “Isn’t she unbelievable? She’s so, so smart and what is extraordinary about her is she keeps her own counsel. She knows exactly what she wants to do, her mother is her manager, and I’m sure she gets ideas and works with a lot of people but she knows exactly … she makes the decision.”

“I’m sure there must be a million people trying to pull her off her game or get her to do something else and she knows just what she wants to do,” Garten continued. “And that’s why it comes out the way it does.”

Garten even took her team to one of Swift’s concerts. She explained how something the singer said at the show stunned her.

“She said, ‘You know, we all are upset about what’s said about us on the internet but the truth is, what we tell ourselves about ourselves is so much worse,’” Garten recalled.

“And I thought, ‘Wow.’ I’m not a teenage girl, but I really got it,” she continued. “I thought it was such a smart thing to say, to really check ourselves, to stop saying those things to ourselves because it’s detrimental.”

“How she got so wise, I don’t know, but she really is,” Garten added.

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