Taylor Swift‘s highly anticipated new album hit a glitch on Spotify Thursday night when the streaming giant literally crashed as her record dropped, causing mass confusion online.

The Grammy-award-winning artist released her 10th album, “Midnights,” right at the stroke of midnight and, not coincidentally, that’s when Spotify went down.

But, things got right back on track for Taylor … as Spotify quickly repaired the problem so her millions of “Swifties” could enjoy the music.

During the outage, though, her fans went into panic mode on social media.

“Spotify crashed following the release of Taylor Swift’s new album #TSmidnighTS,” one freaked-out fan wrote, adding, “something went wrong.”

“YALL DONE BROKE SPOTIFY,” said another nervous fan.

A third “Swiftie” said, “Spotify literally broke for like a minute!!! I was in panic mode,” before a fourth posted the app’s error message, tweeting, “Really @Spotify? On a night like this? I am fuming #TSmidnightTS.”

But, all’s well that ends well. Taylor treated her “Swifties” to a special edition of the album with seven extra tunes that dropped 3 hours later on Spotify.

And, there will be a video released Friday morning for the third track on her new record, ‘Anti-Hero.’

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