The 1975's Matty Healy Sucks Fan's Thumb During Concert

The 1975 frontman Matty Healy, who is famous for his onstage antics, sucked on a fan’s thumb at a recent concert.

Footage shared on social media shows Healy sucking a girl’s thumb while playing “Robbers.” The clip shows the rock star getting a caress to the face from a fan and he leans into her hand to suck her thumb.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user has claimed that she was the person whose thumb was sucked by Healy.

“EVERYONE IS CALLING ME THUMB GIRL BYE,” she proudly tweeted. She followed up the tweet by saying, “I’d like to publicly apologise to denise welch and tim healy for making them watch their son suck my thumb last night.”

The 1975’s fans expect such crazy antics from Healy during his performance. Healy kissed fellow bandmate Ross MacDonald during a concert in November and made news after eating raw meat onstage.

In December, Healy got a tattoo in the middle of a performance at the band’s Kentucky concert as part of their “At Their Very Best Tour.”

(Photo: Markus Hillgärtner)

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