REVEALED: The Apprentice star and pharmacist Navid Sole is an anti-vaxxer who praised Nicki Minaj for ‘speaking out’ after rapper spread Covid misinformation

  • Navid, 27, tweeted in August 2021 that he was ‘against the vaccine’ and thanked Nicki Minaj for ‘standing up’ for anti-vaxxers 
  • Nicki, 39, tweeted about not getting vaccinated after her cousin’s friend in Trinidad reportedly experienced swollen testicles after receiving the shot  
  • Pharmacist Navid  is one of the 16 new candidates appearing on the new series of BBC’s The Apprentice 
  • Lord Sugar, 74, wanted entrepreneurs competing for his £250,000 investment to be double jabbed on this year’s series 
  • A spokesperson for The Apprentice later clarified to MailOnline: ‘The Apprentice was filmed during the very early stages of the vaccine rollout and prior to individuals being double vaccinated’ 

The Apprentice star Navid Sole has been revealed as an anti-vaxxer. 

The pharmacist, 27, appears on the upcoming series of the BBC show and is hoping to launch a successful pharmacy business with the help of Lord Sugar.

However, a now-deleted tweet from September 2021 reveals that Navid has very different views from the pro-vaccine campaigner, as Navid is against the Covid jab and previously praised pop star Nicki Minaj for ‘standing up’ for the anti-vaxx community after she tweeted misleading comments about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

A tweet Navid sent on September 17 read: ‘@NickiMinaj it’s worth billion. Pfizer. Trust me Nicki I’m a Pharmscist [sic] and I was scared to mention about how I’m against the vaccine but too scared to say anything or else I would lose my license to become a Pharmscist. [sic] Thank you queen for standing up for me and to many of us.’

Revealed: The Apprentice star a Sole is anti-vax and praised Nicki Minaj for spreading Covid misinformation

There is no legislation that states pharmacists will lose their license if they state they are against the vaccine. It is not known if Navid has had the Covid vaccination. 

While the vaccine will become mandatory for all NHS and social care staff in England from April 2022, most community pharmacists and their teams are not covered by the mandate because the majority of pharmacies are not regulated by the Care Quality Commission [CQC].

Despite the vaccine not being mandatory for all pharmacy professionals, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has ‘strongly urged’ all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to get the vaccine ‘wherever’ they work, unless medically exempt.   

MailOnline has contacted Navid’s representatives and a spokesperson for The Apprentice for comment.  

Praise: A now-deleted tweet dated from September 2021 reveals that Navid is against the Covid vaccine and praised pop star Nicki Minaj for ‘standing up’ for the anti-vaxx community

Barbz: Navid – who is a self-confessed Nicki Minaj ‘super fan’ shared his anti-vax views after the rapper came under fire for debunked comments she made about Covid-19 vaccine side effects

Navid – who is a self-confessed Nicki Minaj ‘super fan’ – shared his anti-vax views after the American rapper came under fire for debunked comments she made about Covid-19 vaccine side effects.

Last September, Nicki revealed that she was unvaccinated and had opted not to attend the Met Gala because of its vaccination requirement for attendees. Later, she revealed that she had also tested positive for Covid-19.


From April 1 next year health and social care providers in England will be required to ensure workers are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they are exempt.

The requirement will only apply to pharmacies that undertake CQC-regulated activities and to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in GP practices and hospitals.

Most community pharmacists and their teams are not covered by the mandate because the majority of pharmacies are not regulated by the CQC. 

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) urged all pharmacy professionals, ‘wherever’ they work, to get the vaccine. 

A statement released on November 10 read: ‘We noted in our response that the government was not proposing to extend the legal mandate to people working in pharmacies regulated by the GPhC.

‘We strongly urge pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to get COVID-19 and flu vaccinations at the earliest opportunity, unless they are medically exempt, and ask them to encourage other members of their team to get vaccinated as well,’

Source: Chemist + Druggist 

The Super Bass rapper was widely mocked on social media after she linked part of her hesitation about getting the vaccine to a story about a cousin’s friend who developed ‘swollen’ testicles after supposedly getting the shot.

‘My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen,’ she claimed. ‘His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding. So just pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bulled.’

Trinidad’s health chief Dr. Terrence Deyalsingh subsequently criticized the rapper for her false claims and because the health department had ‘wasted so much time running down this false claim.’

Deyalsingh added that no cases of impotence or swollen testicles had been reported following vaccination in Trinidad.  

Navid’s remarks on the vaccine go against the views held by Lord Sugar, who wanted every candidate on the new series of The Apprentice to be vaccinated – although BBC bosses later clarified that this was not logistically possible at the time as they began filming at the start of the pandemic.

The Apprentice boss, 74, wanted entrepreneurs competing for his £250,000 investment to be jabbed after he counted taking a ‘harrowing’ total of 79 Covid tests since the start of the pandemic, leaving him with a ‘broken septum’, yet logistically it wasn’t possible to do in time. 

Lord Sugar told MailOnline: ‘Candidates did have to be double vaccinated before taking part this year. The Covid protocol was harrowing to put it simply.

‘My last count was that I have done 79 Covid tests, I haven’t got Covid, but I’ve got a broken septum in my nose. Obviously, the criteria were they had to be double vaccinated, absolutely.

‘One thing I can tell you is that you will not see one mask throughout the whole of the 12 episodes. It was a very difficult thing to do.

‘This shows you how great and resourceful people can be in problems, which is what us British are good at doing. The challenge of doing this thing through Covid, we took it in our stride. In a funny way, some great things came out of it.


Debunked: Nicki revealed she was not vaccinated and was widely mocked after claiming a cousin’s friend in Trinidad became impotent after getting the vaccine 

A spokesperson for The Apprentice later clarified to MailOnline: ‘The Apprentice was filmed during the very early stages of the vaccine rollout and prior to individuals being double vaccinated.

‘Strict procedures were put in place to protect those on the show and the wider production, with measures including regular testing, living as a cohort and social distancing when outside of the cohort.’ 

Navid is one of 16 new candidates who will be battling it out in the boardroom in a bid to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment in their business. 

Yet while he may be doing his best to bag the cash prize, it has since been revealed that Navid is not short on money himself, as he is the heir to a multi-million pound fortune and goes on holiday more than 40 times a year.

Life of luxury: Navid boasted about his wealthy upbringing when he spent a week at an inner city council estate while appearing on Rich Kids Go Skint last year

The pharmacist boasted about his wealthy upbringing when he spent a week at an inner city council estate while appearing on Rich Kids Go Skint last year.

In the episode he stated: ‘Life growing up for me was easy, I got everything I wanted,’ before later claiming he was having ‘heart palpations’ after being asked to sleep on a sofa in London’s Grenfell community. 

A self-confessed Versace fanatic, he dressed head-to-toe in a sparkling gold tracksuit by the designer brand as he boasted about his luxurious lifestyle to mum-of-one Queen, who welcomed the North London native to her humble abode.

During a tour of her kitchen, he announced: ‘Mine’s slightly bigger and I don’t cook. We’ve got someone who helps out with that stuff. Not even beans on toast.’

Viewing Queen’s bedroom, he gloated: ‘In terms of my covers and bed, it’s all designer brands – which is nice – and so are the cushions. I’ve got my own walk-in-closet and bathroom too. 

‘Usually I travel three to four times in a month. The best one I’ve been to is when I went with my parents to Brazil and Argentina. It was roughly £20,000 and we flew in first class and stayed in five-star hotels.’

Navid also revealed he has his own personalised bath tub in the home he shares with his parents, and owns Versace plates worth £2,000, which he proudly displays in their enormous dining room.

Talking it over: Navid also appeared on another reality show in 2020, BBC Three’s Eating With My Ex in which former partners hash our their issues over a meal

The ‘rich kid’ said he does not have a limit to his budget, has very few boundaries when it comes to spending his money, and stated: ‘If I see something nice and I like it and need it, I get it.’ 

Navid also appeared on another reality show in 2020, BBC Three’s Eating With My Ex in which former partners hash our their issues over a meal. 

During the awkward scenes, Navid’s ‘ex-girlfriend’ Charlotte, told him: ‘I never saw you as a boyfriend’, later adding that she wasn’t ‘sexually attracted’ to him, and that the pair had never kissed or even held hands. 

One to watch: Navid is one of 16 new candidates who will be battling it out in the boardroom in a bid to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment in their business

When he’s not at work in the chemist or appearing on reality TV shows, Navid runs Nicki Minaj fan accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

In his description, he gushed: I am Nicki Minaj obsessed. My dream has always been to meet her. Travelling all over the world to see my baby Mrs. Onika. Nicki followed on 12/02/2020.’

He splashes his money on meet-and-greets with his favourite stars like Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, and Naomi Campbell and he’s seen Nicki nine times, with these events usually costing him between £400 and £1,000.

The Apprentice starts this Thursday, January 6 at 9pm on BBC One, followed by You’re Fired on BBC Two



Occupation: Flight Operations Instructor 

Lives in: Chorley, Lancashire  

Key information: Having served in the RAF for 12 years as Flight Operations Instructor, Aaron has set out to start his own security business.  

He says: ‘My strongest point is that I can sell to anybody and I think that’s the reason why my business will be a success, because people will buy from me.’ 


Occupation: Owner, Digital Marketing Agency

Lives in: London 

Key information: Referring to himself as a man who believes sleeping is a ‘waste of time’ he also claims his first word as a newborn was ‘profit’.

 He says: ‘My friends call me AK 47 because I’m a killer salesperson.’ 


Occupation: Sales Executive and former Professional Rugby Player

Lives in: London 

Key information: Hard working and ‘hyper motivated by money’, ex rugby player Conor describes himself as a ‘corporate panther’ with a record for getting deals done and who will win this series. 

He says: ‘I’m going to be the corporate panther in the boardroom, I’m going to get it done, and I’m going to be Lord Sugar’s perfect business partner.’


Occupation: Pharmacist

Lives in: London 

Key information: Qualified pharmacist and Nicki Minaj superfan Navid aspires to create a successful pharmacy business with the help and expertise of Lord Sugar. 

He says: ‘Nothing intimidates me because I just feel like I’m a strong character, strong person, strong mindset.’ 



Occupation: Strategy Manager for a Financial Firm 

Lives in: London  

Key information: Akeem considers himself a people’s person who loves being around others, however as a ‘numbers guy’, his analytical ability often causes him to think carefully about his every move, as he claims he will come in with a ‘calculated point of view.’  

He says: ‘My growing up has made me who I am, I’m able to converse with everyone, but also able to show that financial, business side to myself.’ 


Occupation: Owner, Commercial Cleaning Company

Lives in: Hertford 

Key information: With big goals for his commercial cleaning business, Alex is driven, focused and is ‘not going to stop’ until he gets where he wants to go.  

He says: ‘I would compare myself to a Ferrari, shiny on the outside but under the bonnet, there is a lot of fire and I’m coming for you.’


Occupation: Regional Operations Manager

Lives in: West Midlands 

Key information: Inspired by the kindness of his grandparents, Harry wants to help and support people.  

He says: ‘Everything I’ve looked into achieving, I’ve achieved I’ve literally done everything I’ve put my mind to.’ 


 Occupation: Finance Manager

Lives in: London 

Key information: After ‘working in the shadow of his family’s business’, qualified accountant Nick hopes to make a name for himself in the drinks industry with his line of flavoured water. 

He says: ‘In business I’m a bit of a force to be reckoned with I know what I’m talking about, I know how things work, and I’m extremely experienced So, I’m a bit of an animal in the boardroom’ 





Occupation: Owner, beauty brand

Lives: London

Key information: Starting her beauty business a little later in life, Amy has now found what she really loves doing after previously working in sales, showbiz and jingles. 

She says: ‘I can be nice when I need to be, but when I unfortunately have to be a b***h, I will…’ 


Occupation: Hotel front of house manager

Lives: Bristol

Key information: Brittany is looking to break away from her hotel role and launch the first alcoholic protein drink, with Lord Sugar’s help. 

She says: ‘My motto for life is ‘always look on the bright side’ 


Occupation: Owner, sustainability company

Lives: Surrey

Key information: The eco-conscious, mathematics graduate is looking for investment in her next venture, providing a product carbon footprint service for businesses with a simple equation of her own creation.

She says: ‘There’s two types of people in the world- people that say they are going to do things and people that actually do them and I’m a doer’  


Occupation: Owner, dessert parlour 

Lives: West Yorkshire

Key information: Describing herself as a born leader, fearless and funny, Harpreet plans to ‘level up’ her successful, six-figure coffee and cakes business to become a leading brand in the UK.  

She says: ‘I’m definitely not in business to make friends. I’m here to make money, and I’m sure Lord Sugar isn’t looking for a new mate.


Occupation: Owner, online pyjama store

Lives: Swindon

Key information: Kathryn has worked a wide range of jobs from mortgage advisor to events manager. Describing herself as ambitious, kind, and often ‘savage’, she says she’s there to win, not to make friends.

She says: ‘My dreams in my head are absolutely huge and I believe I can achieve them.’  


Occupation: Owner, boutique cocktail bar

Lives: Cheltenham

Key information: Describing herself as ‘magical and enchanting’ Sophie even has a witch school qualification. She previously worked in sales and has huge renovation plans for her bar.

She says: ‘Failure is not an option. Winning is part of my DNA.’  



Occupation: Owner, online children’s store

Lives: Kent

Key information: With her East-London roots, the blonde is hoping to bond with Lord Sugar and match his no nonsense attitude towards business. She’s looking for funding to develop her designer store and be part of the growing pre-loved fashion industry.

She says: ‘I’ve got grit, determination and I’m determined to be successful.’  



Occupation: Owner, children’s day nursery

Lives: Bradford 

Key information: Shama already has a busy work life running her children’s day nursery as well as juggling life with five children at home. She is ready to prove she has the ‘skillset that is required to be one of the best, successful businesswomen in the early years sector.’ 

She says: ‘Being a lady of colour, wearing a headscarf as well and the challenges that we face on a daily basis, I just want to be a living example for the Asian women out there.’ 


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