The Best Smart Water Bottles to Help You Stay Hydrated

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Remembering to drink enough water every day is easier said than done. And in an age where there’s an app or device that can track everything from our workouts to our calorie intake, who would have thought that the internet of things could also help us stay hydrated? That’s where smart water bottles come in.

When it comes to how much H2O you should drink per day, the general rule of thumb is to divide your weight in half and consume that amount in ounces. Not convinced that a smart water bottle is a better option? Keep reading to learn more about what makes them “smart,” and a few options that suit every need.

What Is a Smart Water Bottle?

Once considered a luxury for tech-savvy wellness enthusiasts, smart water bottles are now commonplace in gyms, offices and homes across the country. Whereas regular water bottles just provide a place for easy sipping, the best smart water bottles can literally light up as a reminder to drink up, sanitize your drink, and track your sipping stats on an app. It’s also worth pointing out that “smart” doesn’t necessarily mean battery-powered — we see it as any feature that helps people live more effectively.

Is a Smart Water Bottle Worth It?

We can all benefit from drinking the recommended amount of water, and smart water bottles clearly won’t be a solution for everyone. But for those with serious health risks that require a steady aqua intake and for people who are just plain bad at remembering to drink up, it’s helpful to have a reminder that isn’t as easily ignored as a phone alarm.

Data-driven drinkers will no doubt love tracking their results on an app, which might make an otherwise mundane act more results-oriented. Those who aren’t so stats-focused might be more motivated to hydrate when they see how their sips stack up to the oft-recommended eight glasses per day.

Some smart water bottle apps also sync up to fitness tracking devices, allowing you to take a holistic (but still tech-powered) approach to your health. And for people who aren’t fans of tap water, some bottles will even keep your drink free of bacteria and mold.

If you need a regular water reminder, we’ve rounded up some of the best smart bottles to suit a range of needs below.

1. Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

No need to worry about low batteries with this manual hydration tracking water bottle. Simply turn the leak-proof lid every time you refill and a dot will “count” the number of times you’ve finished the bottle. It tracks up to four refills, and the BPA-free bottle is made of impact-resistant Tritan plastic.

This bottle comes in a standard 20-ounce size or a 25-ounce active option that comes with a carrying loop and a straw lid for one-handed drinking. The bottle itself is dishwasher-safe, but note that the lid should only be washed by hand.

2. CrazyCap UV Water Purifier Self-Cleaning Bottle

Don’t like the taste of tap water? This filter-free, stainless steel bottle by Crazy Cap has a sterilizing cap that’s equipped with a quartz lens and built-in LED that has a 10-year lifespan, so you don’t need to buy any extra accessories. It emits UV-C light — the same technology that’s used in water treatment plants and by medical professionals — to improve your water’s flavor and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses, and the cap can be used to sanitize other things like surfaces and utensils.

The lid is powered by a lithium-ion battery that holds its charge for about seven days and promises up to 500,000 treatments. We really like that this smart water bottle has a self-cleaning mechanism that turns on automatically every four hours, but you can also activate the purification process manually by tapping the touchpad.

We also love that this 17-ounce capacity water bottle’s vacuum-insulated design keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Another bonus is that the cap measures 34 millimeters in diameter, so it can be used on other bottles. The water bottle also comes with an extra silicone gasket for the lid’s seal and cleaning wipes for the touchpad.


3. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

If you prefer visual reminders to drink your water and you rely on technology to organize your life, then you’ll never forget to stay hydrated with this light-up bottle by Hidrate. A hydration sensor stick inside the bottle tracks how much you’re drinking and syncs your stats to the brand’s free app via Bluetooth.

What’s also great about Hidrate’s app is that in addition to keeping track of your water intake, it creates a customized hydration goal based on your personal details, location, and fitness activity. It can sync with other iOS- and Android-based fitness tracking apps, and you can also customize the frequency of your reminders, choose different light patterns, and see whether you’re on track to meet your daily water goal.

The BPA-free bottle has a capacity of 20 ounces and is great for the gym, thanks to its easy-to-carry finger loop and durable silicone sleeve. It’s also worth noting that it’s only suitable for cold water — no fruit juices or hot liquids. When the sensor stick is out of power, you easily replace its CR123A battery.


4. ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle

Packed with smart features, ICEWATER’s 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle not only glows every hour to remind you to stay hydrated, but you can also use it as a portable Bluetooth speaker at your next get-together. While you’re getting your daily amount of H2O in, you can turn up the 360-degree sound a the bottom of the bottle.

It’s pretty powerful for its size too, packing a 600mAh, 5W battery, and a special “resonance mode” specifically made to boost the bass if you set the water bottle down on wooden tables. The functional reminder lights can also keep the party going when you switch to the lights mode made to glow to your music.

While it won’t be winning any audio awards anytime soon, at 22 ounces you can stay hydrated and enjoy your tunes on the go, which can’t be said about other bottles. It’s still durable (and yes, the speaker portion is waterproof), with a locking feature and silicone nozzle. Bottom line: you’re going to want to take this with you for the perfect 2-in-1 beach and camping companion.


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