The Power actor John Leguizamo hits out at ‘snowflake’ critics

Official trailer for The Power

John Leguizamo, 62, has dazzled fans as the voice behind iconic characters like Bruno Madrigal in Encanto, Sid the Sloth in Ice Age and most recently Rob Lopez in Amazon Prime’s The Power, a tale of women across the world gaining the ability to electrocute people at will.

While this power upends gender power structures across the world, John’s character takes to it a bit more easily as a stay-at-home dad whilst his wife, Margot Cleary-Lopez played by Toni Collette, 50, works as the mayor of Seattle.

Speaking exclusively to at the UK premiere of The Power, John gushed over his role and shut down any critics branding his character a “snowflake”.

He shared: “I’d never played a role like Rob. My first time ever playing a nurturing, caring, understanding, lovable man and I loved it.

“Bring on the snowflake! I love this new masculinity, like Bruno in Encanto, the gentle, caring, nurturing, sensitive male.

“I love this new masculinity and I totally embrace it. I feel so privileged that I am allowed to bring on this new masculinity (on screen).”

When it comes to his on-screen wife, the chemistry between John and Toni is palpable on the red carpet as the Encanto star gushed: “We felt like an actual married couple.

“It was so interesting too, we felt really comfortable with each other and the scenes were so well written, some of the best-written dialogue I’ve had in a movie.

“We were really able to get granular about the relationship, the ups and downs of our marriage, our teenage daughter having the power, she’s getting the power, as the man of the family I’m losing the power, it’s fascinating.”

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Toni herself also shares this sentiment, telling that her favourite behind-the-scenes memories were simply enjoying time with her “family”: “We hung out, we told jokes. John Leguizamo, I am so happy I got to work with him and all of our kids, I loved it so much.”

Playing a powerhouse-woman in every sense of the term, Toni ushered some words of wisdom for the younger generation of women saying: “What I’ve learnt in life is that there are so many opinions and so many external sources telling you what and who to be but ultimately you steer your own ship.

“You spend the most time with yourself and should know yourself the most. Take the time to be quiet and listen to your internal world because if you nurture that it just makes the external experience that much richer.”

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