It sure sounds like Prince William and Prince Charles — and by extension, the rest of the royal family back at Buckingham Palace — are ready to move on from all the drama!

According to an expert who spoke candidly about the infamous fam’s current comeback from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s bombshell interview this spring with Oprah, the royals are trying their best to move forward without further distractions. But can they do it?!

Russell Myers suggested as much with a set of interesting comments on talkRadio on Monday morning. Speaking to show host Kevin O’Sullivan about the current state of affairs for princes William and Charles, Myers surmised that it was high time to get back to business as usual in London, and abandon Meghan and Harry to their own devices:

“ want to draw a line under Harry and Meghan, who have been a distraction for the family. The rest of the Royal Family are very, very united in trying to get back to business. But no one has done the real business of monarchy, which is getting out, being among the people and shining a light on different charities, and traveling the world and the Commonwealth. It’s part of getting Britain back on its feet. As far as Harry and Meghan are concerned, I think they will be left to try and sort things out on their own.”

Hmmm… The silent treatment! TBH, though, isn’t that kind of what Meghan and Harry wanted in the first place?! Like, maybe don’t threaten the estranged ex-royals with a good time, ya know??

O’Sullivan seemed to second Myers’ sentiment about abandoning the new Santa Barbara residents, adding:

“There was this suggestion that Charles was all for forgive, forget, heal the rift — but apparently not. If that is his state of mind, I think the British people will be behind him every step of the way. I think most people think Harry does not deserve to be forgiven.”

Wow! Strong words there, for sure. But is that really true?? Myers went on from there, though, giving O’Sullivan and the listeners more details about Harry’s awkward homecoming last month for Prince Philip‘s funeral:

“There will be quite a lot of dissatisfaction in the camp and it remains to be seen whether they will ever be brought back in. I’m sure that Harry was a bit sheepish seeing the rest of his family at Prince Philip’s funeral. It was the first time he has spoken to many of them since that Oprah Winfrey interview where he accused them of all manner of things. He went back to America with his tail between his legs and who knows what will happen in the future.”

Yikes! FWIW, Myers is still on the fence about what the future fallout from the Oprah interview will be.

While the royal expert contends the whole thing went down “like a lead balloon” at the time it aired, he cautions that it may take a while for us to know how it fully affected the dynamic between Harry and his family:

“I don’t think we will realize the fallout of that Oprah Winfrey interview for some time. Maybe once we get back to a bit of normality, the rest of the family will start thinking about that a bit more carefully. It might not be good news for Harry.”

That’s quite a prediction. Alas, time will tell, we suppose! What do U think about all of this brotherly drama, Perezcious readers? Will Harry and Meghan really be left to their own devices now?? And how do you think the Oprah interview will be seen in a while, anyway?!

Sound OFF with your reaction to these royal rumors and rumblings down in the comments (below)!

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