The Surprising Reason Tony Hawk Is Trending On Twitter

Only Tony Hawk could manage to make us laugh over something as un-fun as COVID. While the pro-skater’s name has been a household one for decades, for some reason, he has had encounter upon encounter with people who don’t quite know who he is. He often tweets about instances where this happens, but told Business Insider that it actually happens way more than he even mentions. “I think sometimes people, I assume, get excited, and they’re trying to register it… so they’ll just sort of say things without really giving them critical thought,” he laughs. “I think that’s usually what ends up happening where it’s like ‘you’re, uh, T-T-Tom Brady!’ Where it just comes out because they know there’s some sports star whose name starts with a T. Most of the time those are the things I like to share because they’re much more humorous interactions.”

Well, the self-proclaimed “Skateboard Man” couldn’t help but share this moment, an incredibly on-brand instance of someone semi-recognizing him — but this time, it happened while he and his family were getting COVID tests (via Just Jared).

Twitter users can't help but laugh at Tony Hawk's inability to be recognized

We’ll get this out of the way first: Hawk and his family all tested negative for COVID. But the most memorable part of this experience for Hawk was during the test, and not in waiting for the results. On December 31, he took to Twitter to fill us all in on this hilarious moment in which he was recognized as none other than Tony Hawk. “at a Covid testing site (wearing masks) handing over paperwork for me & two of my kids,” he tweeted. The woman administering the test took attendance: “‘okay… Anthony, Keegan and Kadence… Hawk? Are you guys related to Tony Hawk?'” she asked. Hawk replied, “yes.” “‘Are you pulling my leg?'” she asked. And Hawk responded, “‘no, we are all directly related to him.'” We’re starting to think the pro-skater might be cursed.

One Twitter user asked, “Why do all these things keep happening to Tony Hawk? How can everybody know his name yet nobody recognizes him?” We’re wondering the exact same thing.

Our fingers are crossed that 2021 is the year that Tony Hawk starts actually getting recognized. 

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