They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but Claudia Winkleman said that being separated from her family turned her into a “lunatic”.

The BBC presenter made the admission as she appeared on Radio 2, with Scott Mills.

Having temporarily moved to Scotland to film brand new gameshow The Traitors, the 50 year old admitted that she got in “too deep” during the tense series finale.

“What so weird for me is I’m so used to hugging, and yay and don’t worry," she told listeners, acknowledging that she was used to becoming close with contestants during Strictly Come Dancing.

However, over a decade presenting the dancing competition wouldn’t help Claudia as she had to play her cards close to her chest throughout filming.

“….Because I knew too much…and I was watching them on a live feed, I couldn’t get that close. I had to be slightly reserved," she told the DJ.

She continued: “And of course, I love them…all! And there’s no emotional big goodbye; it feels strange.”

Claudia was even more isolated as the idyllic filming location of a beautiful Scottish castle turned into a nightmare for the mum-of-three.

Away from her family, the host found that she was unable to use her phone due to the poor signal which only added to the cabin fever she felt.

“I’m just like a lunatic…I was in too deep!” she said, reflecting on filming the series earlier this year.

The presenter even admitted to crying during the fraught series finale, because she became so wrapped up in the game show.

“I took it really seriously – you can hear it in my voice,” she continued.

Although, Claudia did acknowledge that the tearful moment wasn’t that unusual for her.

“I mean I cry Scott…I mean I do cry…I cry in life…I cry when my kid gets seven out of 10 in a spelling test!” She quipped, adding that: “I cry but I don’t cry on telly!”

Like rest of us though, Claudia will be eagerly tuning in to watch the series final as the Strictly star revealed that she wasn’t sure if her weeping would make the final cut.

Among those watching at home will be super fan and Bafta-award-winning writer, Russell T. Davies.

The Doctor Who showrunner recently took to Instagram earlier this month to declare his love of the show, adding that he was “hooked” in a post.

Dubbing the series “great winter fun”, he shared a promotional still of the show and even tagging Claudia in the post.

Speaking about the moment with Radio 2 DJ Scott Mills, host Claudia said that she wanted to personally thank everyone who had watched the show and “give them a mince pie”.

“Russell T Davis…who is….royalty! I could cry about it!” she admitted, saying: “We are incredibly grateful.”


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