Golf fans know that if you see 2018 Master’s Champion Patrick Reed, his wife Justine Reed is probably somewhere nearby. While Justine used to caddie for her pro-golfer husband in the past (more on that in a moment), she’s now always at his matches to show her support and give him advice, something she’s been doing for over a decade!

Patrick met Justine back in college before he became a professional athlete when the two attended Augusta State University. Patrick had transferred there from Georgia after freshman year, according to The Sun. The Texas native soon turned pro in 2011 and married Justine about a year later on Dec. 21, 2012, when he was only 22 years old.

But Justine was always more than just his young bride. In fact, Golf Monthly reports that by the time Patrick did turn pro, Justine, who is four years older than Patrick, already had two undergraduate degrees and had become a nurse. The mother of two was also a talented athlete herself, being an accomplished swimmer and soccer player. With all that said about Justine’s own accomplishments, fans may be surprised to hear she worked as her husband’s caddie up until she got pregnant!

Justine Reed was her husband's caddie before they had kids

Pro-golfer Patrick Reed’s wife, Justine Reed, wasn’t always just on the sidelines — at one point the former nurse worked as her husband’s full-time caddie. She told the Washington Post (via Golf Monthly), “If you had told me with all the work I put into my nursing degree I’d be doing this, I wouldn’t have believed you. When I told my Dad, he was like, ‘You’re doing what?'”

Apparently the move paid off though if you ask Patrick, who raved about how Justine being a former athlete herself helped her excel as his caddie. He told GOLF, “She’s helped me so much. When the gun goes off, I want to fire at every flag and try to birdie every hole, but she’s very poised, and she would get me to slow down and think things through.”

Yet Patrick was unsure at first if his 5’1″ wife could physically handle holding all his equipment. According to The Sun, Patrick revealed that they even tested her strength to see if the petite blonde could carry a bag with extra clothes and water bottles. Yet Justine stopped being a caddie in 2014 when the couple welcomed their daughter Windsor Wells. 

The couple went on to have their son, Benjamin Barrett, three years later in 2017, and Justine’s brother became Patrick’s new caddie. While from the outside, it seems like a picture-perfect golf family, the Reeds do appear to come with some drama. 

Patrick Reed has been estranged from his family since marrying Justine Reed

Not everyone was happy about PGA tour golfer Patrick Reed’s marriage to his now wife Justine Reed, and the effects of that still linger to this day. Sadly, Patrick has been estranged from his parents and younger sister Hannah since he married Justine in 2012. According to GOLF, this stemmed from Patrick’s family urging him to slow things down with Justine because they believed he was too young to get married. Patrick reportedly did not take that advice well and didn’t invite his family to the wedding. Yet things seemed to have gotten much worse since then.

The Reeds revealed to GOLF that since Patrick did not respond to their many attempts to contact him, the family decided to attend the 2014 U.S. Open in hopes to speak with him in person. However, they were escorted out of the tournament by police, per Justine’s wishes.

Things even spilled out onto social media. In 2016, according to GOLF, Justine took to Facebook to bash her in-laws writing in part, “they are sick people and need help.” Her mother Janet had also spoken out about them in previous interviews. Patrick’s sister Hannah fired back with her own post writing, “I have sat back and watched the numerous and disgusting accusations his wife, mother-in-law and everyone now associated as his family have made. Patrick is not the same person he used to be.” She continued, “This is not a brother anymore, but a selfish, horrible stranger and it’s heartbreaking.”

Patrick Reed once saved his wife's life

Despite the heartbreaking news about Patrick Reed’s relationship with his family, it appears that he and Justine Reed are simply meant to be. So much so that Reed once saved his wife’s life after she suffered a seizure in 2014. According to ESPN, Patrick found Justine submerged in a bathtub at their Naples, Fla., hotel following her grand mal seizure. He said in a statement, per ESPN, “We are really fortunate that she is OK and lucky that I was in the room with her to save her from drowning.”

Now, the Reed family will be heading to the place where it all began, Augusta, the city where Patrick first met Justine. This is no romantic vacation, though — the Reeds will be there to support Patrick as he competes in 2021 Master’s Tournament, which begins on April 8.

Fans of course can expect Justine to be rooting Reed on from the sidelines. A position the former caddie may just be starting to get comfortable with after telling PGA in 2014, “being on the outside was a little more difficult than I thought it would be.” With their tight bond, it’s clear that Justine is more than just Patrick’s supporter.

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