This Woman's UTI Turned Out To Be A Whole SHOT GLASS Stuck In Her Bladder!

This isn’t what we’d call a “glass half full” situation.

A woman from Tunisia went to a hospital thinking she had a UTI, only to learn it was a shot glass lodged inside her bladder!

According to reports, the 45-year-old told doctors at Academic Hospital Habib Bourguiba she had urinary tract infection symptoms like leaking. When they performed a scan, however, doctors were shocked to discover there was a glass inside the woman’s bladder that was encased by an 8 cm wide bladder stone — which is HUGE for a bladder stone as they’re typically so small they can barely be seen with the naked eye.

The patient revealed she used the glass as a sex toy a number of years before, but apparently inserted the glass into the urethra — the hole which women urinate from — instead of her vagina.

Her case was published in a medical journal, with officials noting the patient said she suffered from cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) several times after the incident, but never looked into it. The report said the woman didn’t have any blood in her urine, but she did have a higher than normal red blood cell range, suggesting the body was fighting an infection.

Doctors performed surgery to remove the bladder stone, then cracked it open to expose the glass that had been in her body for years. The woman recovered and was released two days later.

Although the medical report doesn’t explicitly state it, the woman was likely practicing what’s known as “urethral sounding,” where someone inserting a glass or object into the urethra to “heighten sexual pleasure and arousal,” per Wed MD.

As you might imagine, doctors don’t recommend this practice. As explained in the report:

“The motivations most frequently associated with the presence of foreign bodies within the bladder are of a sexual or erotic nature. Various objects have been inserted into the bladder and many patients fail to remove them themselves and are very embarrassed to seek medical advice, which is the origin of a clinical picture which is most often atypical which occurs in a patient particular terrain. Complicated forms are those diagnosed late and often associated with recurrent urinary tract infections, lithiasis and/or fistulas… The best treatment remains preventive by balancing the underlying etiopathogenic disorder and by a good sex education.”

We’re glad to hear she’s healthy, and hope this story reminds everyone to be extra careful when practicing risky sexual activities!

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