Tom Cruise‘s son, Connor, has followed a different path than that of his old man — and that path is one of a fisherman who reels in big catches … really big catches.

CC was part of the Sarasota Slam fishing tournament in Florida this weekend, and it looks like he and his crew took the grand prize for a Grouper that literally ended up weighing hundreds of pounds.

To be precise, the beast ended up clocking in at 301 pounds … which was proudly announced across the docks and got huge applause from the crowd. Word is, Connor and co. actually caught it Friday — but kept it on ice until Saturday when they checked the poundage.

Connor writes of the haul … “Got it done yesterday with the boys. 301# Warsaw on the hand crank.”

Tom and Nicole Kidman‘s kid is all into the sport these days. His social media pages are plastered with photos and videos of him posing with a bunch of dead fish … huge ones at that.

His parents might be killing it in Hollywood … but he’s carrying his own weight on the high seas. Congrats!

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