Much like me and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, Tom Holland and Zendaya are “absolutely planning for a real future together.” This happy update comes from an anonymous source who spoke to Us Weekly, saying that Tom and Zendaya’s relationship is “serious and permanent” and that they’re “in settling-down mode.” Which is great news for those of us who are completely and utterly obsessed with these two!

Tom and Zendaya tend to be pretty private about their relationship, but Tom vaguely opened up about things to GQ about a year ago (in November 2021).

Since their relationship went public (read: they were photographed making out in a car in July 2021), Tom and Zendaya have been a bit more comfortable with PDA. Let’s take September of last year, for example, when Tom wished Zendaya happy birthday and sweetly called her “My MJ.”

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Or when he posted this during the Dune press tour in October of last year:

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And can’t forget about this cuteness!

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Clearly we could do this forever, so might as well check out their full timeline right this way:

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