Tom Parker emotionally opened up about his brain tumour diagnosis whilst appearing on Stand Up 2 Cancer on Friday evening.

The Wanted star bravely appeared on the charity show alongside his bandmates to talk about his cancer battle, discussing candidly how he has found the past year since his tumour diagnosis.

“All I could think of is ‘I’m gonna die’,” Tom said on the programme.

The 33-year-old’s honest reveal of what he’s been through was met with empathy and applause in the studio and garnered praise from viewers and fans, who called Tom ‘an absolute hero’ following his appearance.

“@TomParker I was beyond moved by you and of course @BeingKelsey,” wrote one follower.

“Your story of love and positivity conquering fear and heartbreak really is truly inspiring. You two are incredible x.”

“Watching stand up to cancer! Watching the Tom parker story, bringing back everything for me!” recalled another follower.

“Such an important cause! 1 in 2 will be diagnosed in their lifetime, such a scary stat! We need to kill of this disease, it affects and ruins too many people!”

“@TomParker just watched your story on #SU2C and my heart goes out to you, you are a brave person for highlighting your #Cancer, super hero,” said one other follower,

While another wrote: “Watching stand up to cancer and wow @TomParker, you're an inspiration to us all.”

Bandmate Max George was equally moved by the singer.

“Tom is so full of life and he’s the best fighter you’ve ever met in your life,” he said on the show.

“He’s so positive, so strong, and makes you feel so loved. I don’t know how he does it, that’s just a credit to him.”

Tom recently featured in documentary, Inside My Head – his own project, in which he gave further insight into his brain tumour battle and the setbacks and progress he’s experienced since his diagnosis.

“I don't want people to treat me different just because I've got something, I think that was always on my mind,” he said.

“I do feel like I'm in a much stronger place, but it's so hard to think about the future. Do you know what I mean? I genuinely don't know what it holds anymore.”

Reception of Tom’s documentary has been nothing but supportive and positive.

“Just watched your documentary & you’re such an amazing guy,” commented one follower on Twitter.

“So down to earth & so positive with what you & your family are dealing with. It’s inspiring really. Plus, your wife really is a fantastic woman.”

“Total inspiration. Open and honest,” wrote another. “A loving and supportive Family. And a smile through clearly tough times. Top Man.”

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