Tommie Lee Deactivates Instagram Account After Backlash for Insulting Chris Brown’s Son and BM

The ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star’s Instagram page is no longer accessible after she denied Natalie Nunn’s claims that she caused drama allegedly involving Ammika Harris at Chris’ London concert backstage.

AceShowbizTommie Lee is retreating from social media after coming under fire following her comments on Chris Brown‘s son and baby mama. The reality TV star has deactivated her Instagram page after slamming Ammika Harris and her son Aeko, whom she shares with the “Kiss Kiss” singer.

As of early Wednesday, February 21, Tommie’s account on the photo-sharing platform is not accessible. A click to the page is now met with a message which reads, “Sorry, this page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.”

Just a few hours earlier, Tommie made use of Instagram to deny Natalie Nunn and Co.’s allegations that she caused drama at Chris’ London concert backstage. “Natalie got us backstage with Chris Brown,” said Rollie during the livestream on Natalie’s page. “Once we was headed to our section with Chris Brown and his team, why the f**k did Tommie see Chris Brown baby and was like, ‘Oh, his baby is so cute.’ “

She went on ranting, “They grabbed the baby and put him in the room. She smacked the door in. They went ballistic.” Blaming Tommie for putting them in “danger,” she continued, “Why would you do something like that and put me and Johnathan and Natalie in danger? We literally had to fight off three different n***as ’cause of what Tommie did. And she was drunk!”

Responding to the video, Tommie also hopped on a livestream to share her side of the story. “Imagine me, for a baby that ain’t even mine, to knock a door down. Is you f**kin’ serious?” she said while getting her makeup done in the video.

After calling Natalie, Winter Banco and Rollie liars, Tommie said it was Aeko’s mother Ammika who slammed the door. She went on insulting Ammika and her son. “I don’t care about your baby. F**k your baby,” she said. “And f**k his daddy, too. The f**k? Really. Like, girl. I ain’t pressed ’bout no motherf**kin baby. F**k him. All y’all look albino as f**k. F**k all y’all motherf**kers.”

Tommie quickly earned backlash for her comments on Chris’ son. “Children are OFF limit,” one person noted, as another agreed, “Kids are always and forever OFF LIMITS!” A third added, “We don’t play with people children! Something’s are off limits.”

“She talking crap about a toddler like the toddler did something to her .. smfh,” a fourth user commented. Another critic slammed the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star, “Tommie just has no respect or class.” One other chimed in, “She is so disrespectful it’s disgusting.”

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