“Top Gun: Maverick” star Lewis Pullman has a weak stomach … a plausible explanation/justification for puking his guts out while filming his flight scenes.

We got the actor arriving at LAX Thursday and it seemed like an appropriate place to talk about his fear of heights. It certainly raises the question … why on earth did he take on the role of Bob the pilot trainee for the T.G. sequel?

Lewis concedes …. at first, he didn’t think the film was for him. But, he was later inspired by one Tom Cruise and his fearlessness when filming some of the baddest scenes on the planet.

Nevertheless, Lewis says his stomach could only take so much. And, he couldn’t help but hurl, over and over … and over.

Lewis gives us the lowdown on why the flick’s release date has been pushed. Yep, you guessed it — COVID. But, he also says there’s more to it.

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