Tori Spelling admits it’s my fault as she shows off eye patch

Tori Spelling, 49, sparked a frenzy in her fanbase as she stepped out in Los Angeles last week wearing a pink bedazzled eye patch and while some thought it may be some arbitrary fashion statement, many were incredibly concerned about the actress’ health.

The mum-of-five revealed on her 9021OMG podcast with her co-host Jennie Garth that she developed an eye ulcer, but noted that the pink eyepatch drew some tiring jokes about her having pinkeye at the event.

However, Tori reassured fans that it “totally rejuvenates” and she should be all better between seven and 10 days.

The actress also candidly admitted she is the only one to blame for this health woe.

Tori said: “It’s so silly, it’s my fault, I did this to myself.

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“So I have contacts, but I wear daily ones, and at the end of the day, kids…whatever…I can make all the excuses I want, I don’t take them out, I sleep in them, and it’s not healthy.”

Tori joked that she usually keeps her contacts in for “seven weeks”, but quickly confessed that she was exaggerating slightly, saying: “I’ve been known to go maybe 20 days.”

Although she understands it’s not safe to sleep with contact lenses on, Tori added that she’s “completely transparent” with her doctor.

When Tori began to feel the effects of her habits, she was able to get a quick diagnosis as well as a warning from her doctor who noted that she was lucky to get away with such a minor injury.

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She explained: “I got an eye ulcer. I got an ulcer on my left eye. It totally rejuvenates. I got lucky this time. I’m not going to take it for granted.

“Forget work, but to mom with one eye. Not okay, because moms have to literally hear and see everything happening at one time, and I cannot.”

Explaining what an eye ulcer actually is, Tori shared, to the shock of her co-host: “It’s a divot, like a cut-indentation-slit-flap on your eyeball. It hurts so bad!”

The Scary Movie star plans to get 30-day contact lenses once her eye has healed, as Jennie joked that she will set a monthly reminder to tell Tori to take them out.

Tori noted that while she heals, her 14-year-old daughter Stella has become her “designated seeing-eye child” and “emotional support child”.

Ultimately, the actress did get quite lucky with her injuries as sleeping with contact lenses in can have far more damaging results.

According to Healthline, the bad habit increases the risk of eye infections and prevents the eyeball from getting oxygen and hydration, two vital elements it needs to have any fighting chance to fend off a bacterial or microbial invasion.

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