On this week’s edition of the Deadline Podcast series, TV Talk,  Deadline’s television critic Dominic Patten and Awards columnist Pete Hammond take on network broadcast tv’s Emmy dilemma.

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Although the Television Academy heavily relies on fees from the four broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) who share the annual Primetime Emmy telecast on a rotating wheel, it is each of those networks that benefit the least from Emmy attention in the major marquee categories of  Drama, Comedy, Limited Series, and other categories which almost exclusively cater to pay cable networks like HBO or streamers like Netflix, Apple, Hulu, Amazon and others who have simply – and successfully – crashed and taken over bragging rights for TV’s most valued award which when the wheel with rights to telecast the Emmys was originally created, the Primetime Emmys was dominated by nominees and winners from those TV networks. My how times have changed.

For instance in Drama Series only NBC’s This Is Us in recent years has been able to crack the code. Comedy is not much better, and you can forget about Limited Series and TV Movie , both once dominated by the nets.

Can it ever swing back in time where procedurals are the main deal on Broadcast, the golden era of TV comedy is in the rear view mirror (at least comedies on broadcast networks)?

NBC’s limited series with double Oscar winner Renee Zellweger, The Thing About Pam, is in fact the rare network limited series looking to get into the game this season, almost an aberration. ABC has Women Of The Movement, but these are longshots in a field dominated now by streaming entities and HBO.  Of course there ARE categories where the Networks still compete (SNL , are you listening) but it ain’t what it used to be. We examine the outlook for networks and the Emmys to see if the tide can ever be turned, and just what the mindset of voters is now.

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