‘Twins and I were locked out on Xmas – I felt I’d ruined special day’ says Frankie Essex

Frankie Essex has opened up on her Christmas Day nightmare, explaining that she accidentally locked herself, Luke and their twins out of their home.

The 34 year old, who recently revealed she's had 'baby Botox' done for the first time since her twins' birthday, spoke out about the festive period in an exclusive chat with OK! magazine for her weekly column.

"Everything was going well on Christmas Day until we left the house," she told us. "I was looking for my keys everywhere to lock up before realising they were on the other side of the door."

Frankie explained that the door was also brand new as they'd only had it installed just two weeks prior to the incident.

Luckily, her twins Logan and Luella, who were born on 24 May this year, were safely in the car, ready for them to set off to Luke's family's house to start the fun celebrations of the day.

But she couldn't leave without sorting out the door, so she had no choice but to call a locksmith.

She shared: "I had to call a locksmith over to get the door open – £156 later we got in, which meant we were an hour late to everything – Luke's parents and then my dad's for dinner.

"While we waited to get back into the house, I went around the corner and got some coffee and snacks. We then sat in the car until we could get back in.

"My anxiety was through the roof that day, I felt like I'd ruined our special day."

Despite the horrible feeling the ordeal left her with, Frankie said everything worked out and they made it to their destination in one piece.

Frankie explained: "Everything was fine in the end and the babies were spoiled by the family – they received lots of sensory gifts. They love flashy toys. My living room is now a playpen."

While the rest of the day went off without a hitch, Frankie did admit to getting teary eyed in the evening after realising it was her twins' first Christmas and her mum couldn't be there to share it with them.

"I was fine during the day – there was a lot going on and some drama with the door in the morning," she said.

Frankie continued: "But at night, it kind of hit me that this was my twins' first Christmas and my mum wasn't here to see it and share it with them. I did think, 'Oh mum's not here'."

"I did get a bit upset, I had a little cry. But up until that point I didn't really think about it," she told OK!


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