Kim Kardashian spent her holiday weekend cozied up watching Spider-Man: No Way Home with her family, and—for reasons that remain completely and totally ??????—she decided it would be a good idea to spoil the entire movie for her 273 million Instagram followers.

While watching Spider-Man: No Way Home in what looked to be her home theater on Monday evening, Kim posted a bunch of pictures featuring stills from the end of the movie. If you’ve seen No Way Home, you know what we’re talking about, and if you haven’t, we’ll go ahead and try to keep you spoiler free. But um, Twitter is not thrilled with poor Kimberly. As one user put it, “I’ve muted everything Spider-Man related on all my socials to avoid spoilers since I’m watching it tomorrow …. Just for Kim Kardashian to post a whole fucking spoiler on her ig.”

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