Two men in Florida face animal cruelty charges after a TikTok video showed they performed an illegal surgery on a pregnant dog in their home that later resulted in her death.

What the actual f**k!

According to reports, Larry Colon allegedly saved up money and paid Frankie Huertas-Rivera to perform a c-section on his pregnant French Bulldog named Lyla in his Lake County home in the Sunshine State.

The 50-year-old dog owner told police he handed over $650 in cash for the operation to be done by Huertas-Rivera, who claimed to be a licensed veterinarian at the time. As we can all probably guess, it ended up not being the truth. The surgery was reportedly caught on camera by Colon’s 15-year-old daughter, who later posted it to the social media app. Subsequently, the TikTok account that first uploaded the video was since-deleted.

In the shocking clip, the dog can be seen visibly squirming in pain on a table in Colon’s home while the 33-year-old fake vet cut into her abdomen, and Colon held her down, per WESH’s report. Officials said that Lyla sadly wasn’t properly sedated before the surgery and was half-awake for it, but she did deliver a litter of puppies. The authorities also claimed that there were multiple juveniles present for the illegal operation.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people?! It makes us so sick to think about this disgusting and terrible act of cruelty. This poor dog and her puppies. They did not deserve to be treated in such an inhumane way. So much freaking hate to this “dog owner” right now. After the surgery, Colon apparently brought the animal to the veterinarian’s office, but the dog was dead upon arrival. According to WESH, there were also two unborn puppies found inside Lyla’s body.

As we mentioned before, Colon claimed that Huertas-Rivera said he was a veterinarian. However, according to an affidavit obtained by multiple outlets, the owner told vet staff he knew the fake doc was unlicensed, and the surgery was “not what should have been done” but was just “trying to save money.” A vet at the office reportedly told authorities that the pregnant pooch and her two unborn puppies “suffered unjust cruelty and suffering due to unethical medical services performed.”

Yeah, you think?!

While the two little ones didn’t make it through the botched surgery, the others did survive, thankfully. The animal clinic allegedly recommended that Colon get the surviving puppies checked out as soon as possible, per People. But when deputies arrived at his home the next day, they still had not been looked at by a professional. On Friday, February 12, Colon was arrested on animal cruelty charges — a third-degree felony, in case you were wondering, while Huertas-Rivera faces the same charge in addition to practicing medicine without a license. They have since bonded out of jail, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

No words for these two. It just truly breaks our hearts for this animal. What do U guys think about all of this? Let us know in the comments (below).

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