It’s COVID vs. Capitalism, and we know which one wins … at least at this Florida strip club where Tyga and everyone else are partying like it’s still 2019.

The rapper proudly shared videos of himself throwing stacks of cash in the air as barely clad — and some fully nude — dancers did their thing … with absolutely zero pandemic precautions in place.

In fact, other than one woman seen wearing a mask, you might forget the air in the Miami club could be raining down coronavirus along with all the dollar bills.

Can’t just blame Tyga and his partying pals though — despite surging COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations across the country … Florida has stuck to no statewide restrictions.

For the record, Miami-Dade County does have some restrictions — including a 6-person limit at restaurant tables, and if there’s dancing … everyone has to wear masks. We guess Tyga can say he wasn’t the one dancing here, but it’s still a bad look.

Paging Pfizer and Moderna … those vaccines ready yet???

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