Sakura Kokumai was minding her own business while training in a park when she was accosted by a stranger … in the latest disturbing example of anti-Asian sentiment in America.

The U.S Olympic karate athlete says she was at a park in Orange, CA last week when the angry man began yelling at her out of nowhere … so she recorded it.

The man makes several threats and hurls insults at Sakura before finally getting in his car to leave, but not before she says she heard him drop some racial slurs as well.

She describes the incident as horrible, adding … “I don’t know which was worse, a stranger yelling and threatening to hurt me for no reason or people around me who witnessed everything and not doing a thing.”

Sakura says toward the end of his rant, a woman finally did ask if she was okay.

The Olympic athlete says she decided to share her experience as a reminder this is happening all over the country … and we need to take better care of each other.

She also told reporters … “I was aware about the anti-Asian hate that was going on. You see it almost every day on the news. But, I didn’t think it would happen to me at a park I usually go to train.”

Sadly, as we’ve reported, the hate’s become epidemic in the U.S. with recent horrific incidents particularly in NYC … including an Asian man getting sucker-punched and an elderly Asian woman being viciously attacked as she was walking to church.

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