UFC's Angela Hill Talks Obama, Netflix Making Film About Grandpa's Alien Abduction

UFC fighter Angela Hill‘s grandfather and wife claimed they were abducted in one of the most famous UFO encounters ever, and now Barack Obama and his production company are making a Netflix movie on the notorious incident.

And, Angela tells us she wants to be a part of the project!

If you’re not familiar, Barney and Betty Hill claimed they were both abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural area of New Hampshire in mid-September 1961. The incident called the “Hill Abduction,” was the first widely publicized abduction.

Betty & Barney Hill

The Hills said they were driving when they witnessed a flying saucer-type object with humanoid figures inside, watching them … which eventually shot some sort of light at their vehicle. They came to two hours later, 35 miles away from their last known location and with little recollection of anything that occurred.

Now, Barack and Michelle Obama‘s Higher Ground Productions is reportedly creating a movie titled “White Mountain” that’s based on the encounter.

We asked Hill, who posted on social media earlier in the week about her desire to be a part of the project, if any reps for the former president or anyone else had reached out.

“No, no. I just put it out there because it’s not the first thing I’ve heard,” Angela said, adding, “Ever since they released those documents, the UFO documents that they were hiding for so long, ever since that, I think it was about two years ago, I’ve been seeing a lot of Barney and Betty Hill stuff in production.”

37-year-old Hill added … “It sucks when you see something being produced and it’s already greenlit, it’s ready to go and you’re like man I really wish my family was part of it because we’ve pretty much been written out of that part of the story. I think it’s one of the parts that make it more interesting.”

Details outside of the Obama’s involvement and name of the project are not yet known.

We also asked Hill what she’d say to the people behind the movie.

“I would say that if you’re gonna do a story about the first black man to be abducted by aliens, get the black side of the family to talk about it.”

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