Under fire Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan ‘ignoring the hate’ as they are blasted by fans

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan weren't exactly showered with Christmas joy when they unveiled their lavish Christmas decorations last week.

Showing off their hard work on their stunning Essex mansion, the couple posted a video to their socials of the grand home in all its Christmas glory – complete with gigantic tree, garlands, and thousands of twinkling fairy lights.

The big reveal of the festive makeover of their £3.5 million home didn't go down well with some fans – who accused them of being tone-deaf about the current cost-of-living crisis.

But a source has exclusively revealed to OK! that the "hard-working couple" have learnt to "ignore the hate" when it comes to online backlash.

Our source said: “They’re both very driven people and they work hard. That’s why they have the most beautiful home and they’re proud of it. They don’t care about the negative comments – they’ve learnt to ignore the hate.”

One follower blasted the pair for showing off their “gifted” decorations when “some people out there can’t even pay their electric bills”, while another described them as "ostentatious".

Former Towie star Mark, 36, shared the video on his Instagram account and thanked the Liverpool-based company 4 Seasons Events LTD online for their slice of “Christmas heaven”.

The negative comments were quickly shut-down by other followers who were fully on-board with Home Alone-esque level of decoration, complete with light-up outdoor reindeers and fake presents under the tree.

"If this isn’t house goals I don’t know what is," one person wrote, while another as another said: "omg this is beautiful!! Got me feeling festive this morning."

As well as the outdoor reindeers, the couple also installed a pretty Christmas wreath arch with golden baubles and more glowing lights.

Mark and Michelle, who got married in May 2015, are used to being the subject of some less-than-kind online chatter, with the couple accused in the past of not spending enough time together.

Our source said that while they do spend time apart to work on their careers, their priority remains each other and their marriage.

“Yes, they spend a lot of time apart but Mark knew when he married Michelle that she wanted to work and had a career, and so does he," they told us. "That’s just the nature of the industries they’re in.

"They’ve had a bit of a rough time with their house with the builders and everything, but it’s looking amazing now and they love it. They’re going to have a beautiful Christmas there and they’re really looking forward to spending more time there in 2024.”

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