Vanessa Feltz compares turmoil of her weight battle to being stuck in jail

Phillip Schofield: Vanessa Feltz reacts to new revelations

Vanessa Feltz, 61, has said that we “mustn’t punish overweight people” as she likens her own tumultuous weight loss journey to one of being trapped in her own “personal jail”.

In the TV personality’s latest column, she discussed the new “wonder drug” Wegovy and whether or not it is a “quick fix”.

For Fabulous she wrote: “Call this wonder drug Wegovy a quick fix, but I believe something that is convenient, readily available and helps people physically and mentally is worth pushing through.”

“As long as it is properly administered, and from reputable sources who aren’t giving it to people who are a size eight, or to people who abuse the drug, then it is a good investment in their own health,” she said.

“We mustn’t punish overweight people,”

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Vanessa admitted that she “would have been spared so much stress and upset if only this incredible drug had been available” for her to use.

Speaking about her life-long weight loss battle, the 61-year-old wrote: “I’d muster up all the enthusiasm to lose weight, but it would only last for 18 months.

“With the best will in the world, the vicious cycle would begin all over again,” Vanessa admitted.

“Years ago, I’d have my big bum plastered all over magazines and I’d feel absolutely humiliated. You’d think that would be enough incentive to stay on track, but it was not.”

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Elsewhere in the column, the former BBC radio presenter touched on how getting a gastric band fitted in 2010 affected her body image and relationship with food.

She stated that although she “paid a fortune for weight loss surgery” she hasn’t “looked back”.

“These days I’m a size 12-14, eat less, can control portion size and have tons of energy.

“But let’s be honest, it’s pretty extreme to have to go to those lengths, isn’t it? If I could have had a weekly injection instead, I would have loved it,” she admitted.

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“Jabbing yourself with medication takes all of the emotional anguish out of the struggle to lose weight.”

On Wednesday, the Department of Health announced a two-year pilot which would explore how Wegovy can be used in the UK to tackle obesity.

According to, “35,000 people will have access to Wegovy, but to make it available to more people who could be eligible, the pilot will explore how GPs could safely offer Wegovy, and how the NHS can provide support in the community or digitally”.

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