“No, no, no. Sorry. Start over.”

So begins a hilarious round of “Sip or Spill” with Claudia Oshry and Ben Soffer (aka @girlwithnojob and @boywithnojob), the New York City-based influencer power couple. The pair joins a Zoom with ET separately — Ben from their Manhattan home, Claudia from her The Morning Toast podcast studio — to challenge each other with a series of questions. If they want to answer, they can. If they want to skip (and keep from incriminating themselves), they have to sip on Spritz Society canned cocktails, a new beverage line Ben founded.

Watch as the duo volleys queries back and forth, getting into such territory as, who is the best character on Friends? Does Claudia’s constant singing bother Ben? Does Ben really call goosebumps “goose pimples”? Is Claudia “cheugy”? Should Ben get rid of all his clothes? And, will TikTok ruin the lovebirds’ sleep schedule?? 

That and more can be seen in the video above. To learn more about Ben’s new business venture, visit SpritzSociety.com. 

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