Watch Yung Jocs New Shaved-Head Look as He Lost Bet on Tory Lanezs Verdict

The 42-year-old Atlanta rapper revealed his bet when sitting down with VladTV, saying, ‘I made a bet with Shyneka and Shawty Shawty on my morning show that if Tory is found guilty, I’ll shave my head.’

AceShowbizYung Joc proved he’s a man of his word. The “It’s Goin’ Down” rapper got his head shaved by his fellow “Morning Takeover” host, Shyneka, after losing a bet on Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion‘s legal drama.

In a video shared on Instagram on Tuesday, December 27, Joc was seen smiling awkwardly as his co-host started to shave his hair. “This [is] for Meg thee Stallion. This [is] for Meg and Roc Nation,” his co-host exclaimed.

Joc revealed his bet when sitting down with VladTV. “I’ma just say this, okay? I made a bet with Shyneka and Shawty Shawty on my morning show that if Tory is found guilty, I’ll shave my head,” he declared at that time.

“I’ll shave my whole head bald. I told Shyneka if Tory [is] innocent, she gotta come to work with the braids that be under the weave,” he continued. “Can’t get ’em fresh, I need the weave patted down braids, the [Beyonce Knowles] pat my weave braids. She gotta come to work like that.”

“I can’t wait to see how this video turns out,” the 42-year-old added. “Either way, this is a very unfortunate situation. Just through the eyes of watching it, I don’t ever want anyone to feel like I’m making fun of their situation, ’cause it’s very unfortunate and it’s very bad for our culture, but I pray that this plays out fair.”

On Friday, Tory was found guilty of three charges in the 2020 July shooting that left Megan’s foot injured. He was convicted of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, having a loaded unregistered firearm in a vehicle and discharging a firearm with gross negligence.

Tory was spotted leaving the court in handcuffs wearing powder pink pants, a white turtleneck and a jacket following the verdict. The 30-year-old emcee could face up to nearly 23 years behind bars. In addition, there’s a “strong likelihood” he will be deported back to his home country of Canada.

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