Jeopardy! fans still feel the void left by legendary game show host Alex Trebek. With Nov. 8 marking the one-year anniversary of the quiz master’s death due to pancreatic cancer, many are recalling Trebek’s plethora of accomplishments throughout his career. His impressive list of credits includes getting his name in the “Guinness Book of World Records”.

Alex Trebek hosted many many MANY ‘Jeopardy!’ games

Trebek took command of the iconic Jeopardy! lectern in 1984 and hosted the popular game show until his death in November 2020. The production schedule of the trivia game is consistently rigorous due its airing every weekday night. Trebek never missed an episode except when he switched places with Wheel of Fortune star Pat Sajak as an April Fool’s joke.

According to Variety, Trebek hosted his 6,829th episode on June 13, 2014. The monumental accomplishment earned him a place in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for “most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter”. Trebek planned on adding more games to his grand total.

“I want to continue for a few more years,” he said upon receiving the honor. “The good news is as long as I keep hosting the program, I stay ahead of whoever’s in second place, and that makes me feel good.”

Still, Trebek acknowledged that another longtime game show aficionado could eventually take his place in the record books.

“This is the kind of record that can and could and probably will be broken by someone else,” Trebek remarked. “I’m thinking Pat Sajak is not that far behind, and he’s a lot younger than I am.”

‘Jeopardy!’ GOAT and Mayim Bialik comment on hosting responsibilities

Trebek’s recognition by the famed Guinness organization was clearly well deserved. Jeopardy! GOAT Ken Jennings served as a guest host following Trebek’s death and will trade off with Mayim Bialik for the rest of 2021. He revealed there’s a lot more to heading the show than fans see on television.

“Running a fast-paced show like Jeopardy! is a harder job than viewers realize,” Jennings explained in an article for Time. “The host is not only moderating the game for the three contestants, but he’s also interpreting it for viewers. In sports terms, he’s the referee and the broadcast booth all at once. Alex wasn’t aloof; he was just busy. But he always made it look easy.”

Bialik echoed Jennings’ assessment of the hosting gig and described some challenging facets of moderating the quiz board.

“These are long days,” she told Glamour in September 2021. “These are not easy days – These are long days with someone, constantly, literally, in your ear. You need to think on your feet; you need to pronounce words in the Navajo language, which is not something I had ever done before. … I’m literally being asked to squeeze my brain.”

Alex Trebek’s legacy continues on ‘Jeopardy!’

Trebek went on to host more than 8,200 episodes of Jeopardy! To continue his legacy and honor his dedication to the game show, the Jeopardy! set was renamed the Alex Trebek Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in September 2021. Bialik acknowledged how he is still very much a part of the show.

“It probably sounds crazy, but you definitely feel Alex’s presence on that stage,” Bialik wrote in Newsweek. “As someone who didn’t necessarily grow up with the constant presence of Alex in my living room, I feel him everywhere on that stage and I get to work with people who for decades worked so closely with him and whom he called friends. That’s what feels really special.”

The game show icon was known for being the living definition of a “class act” that will never be replaced. Bialik is proud to continue the Jeopardy! legacy Trebek created.

“There will never be another Alex, on camera or off,” she said. “It’s important not to try and be him, because you can’t, but as I learn more about him, I see how much he made his life an act of devotion to humanity. That’s the legacy that I hold so dear as I go to work each day.”

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