Where Is The Circle<\/em> Filmed? Here’s What We Know

If you’re not watching Season 2 of The Circle, full stop. Close this browser, search through Netflix’s library, and play Episode 1 immediately. If you’re working from home, no one will know anyway. For those of you who have dipped into The Circle pond already, then by all means, have a seat and let’s talk.

Who are you rooting for? We’re fans of Terilisha’s no-nonsense approach to the game. We love Courtney for all the reasons that he makes good T.V. And we don’t care what anyone says, Chloe’s fun as hell and we hope she makes it far. While our lovable contestants are left to entertain themselves in an apartment building, you’d be surprised to learn Chicago is not the setting for the series. Here’s the 411—yes, 1990 is alive and well, people—on where Season 2 of Netflix’s hit The Circle filmed.

The Circle actually films in the United Kingdom

You read that right. The Chicago B-roll film is a lie! But that isn’t just a Covid thing. Season 1, too, filmed in Salsford near Manchester, England. There’s a pretty simple explanation for this: Season 1 of the U.S. edition filmed off the heels of the U.K.’s Circle. It likely made filming a lot easier for the incoming production crew to stock the existing rooms with new contestants…rather than location scout, retrofit a vacant building for filming, and all the other things needed to film a series while maintaining secrecy about its outcome.

Joey Sasso, winner of Season 1, said he spent two weeks in England filming the series and without access to a phone, computer or internet. In other words, it’s like quarantining during a blackout…which, after a year like 2020, is our worst nightmare.

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