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The newest season of The Bachelor is currently upon us, and many viewers are curious about the cast of women who have joined the show. One of those women is 24-year-old Serena Chew, a furloughed flight attendant from San Francisco, California.

Serena’s official Bachelor profile on ABC describes her as a “free spirit who loves adventure and is always up for a good time.” The profile also mentions that she is on the show hoping that Bachelor Matt James is “a man with charisma, good character and someone with whom she can have a strong physical connection.”

Serena is very active on social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram. Her photos indicate that she loves fashion and traveling, and that she’s even found a way to continue traveling throughout the pandemic.

So far, Serena has managed to outlast some of the competition on the show. In the coming weeks, we’ll find out if she’s the kind of partner that Matt James is looking for.

Serena Chew is still on the show so far

In interviews, Matt James has revealed that he’s fully on board for everything the show could bring his way, including kids. He shared that his mother is more than ready to be a grandmother. “I think the grandkid counter for my mom started when the [Bachelor] announcement was made. She wants a basketball team. I’ll have a minivan, as many as we can fit” (via People).

So far, Serena hasn’t indicated whether or not she’s hoping to be a mother one day. She has shown a lot of enthusiasm for tweeting about the show as it airs. Two days before the January 6 premiere date, she shared a photo of herself meeting James and wrote, “Twitter has ALWAYS been my source of daily comedy. So I’m expecting a lot of laughs from here on out. Don’t let me down, I’m ready for it.”

Only time will tell if Serena is the one for Matt James (and vice-versa). Until then, it will be fun to tune in and see how this season of The Bachelor goes!

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